Is This the Future of Real Estate CRM Solutions in the UK?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Property Raptor is a UK-based real estate CRM solution, providing an end-to-end platform for real estate professionals.
  • The platform incorporates advanced AI and Blockchain technologies offering comprehensive real estate data services.
  • Used by over 35 enterprise clients in 20 markets including renowned firms like JLL, Savills, ReMax, Century 21, and Colliers.
  • Revolutionary architecture differentiates the start-up by optimising the entire property transaction process.
  • Property Raptor has potential to be a leading real estate CRM solutions for the UK market.


Within the heart of London, a technological revolution within the real estate industry is rising. Enter Property Raptor, a state-of-the-art property management platform that aims to transform the way real estate professionals conduct their businesses. Powered by an innovative CRM solution, Property Raptor’s primary goal is to create efficiency by saving time and money for real estate professionals. Utilising AI and Blockchain technologies, the platform offers an enterprise level real estate management system that connects practitioners via a global B2B marketplace.

Recognising the potential pain points often faced by real estate professionals, such as disjointed workflows and scattered data, Property Raptor tackles these challenges head-on with its end-to-end property transaction process. Its system has successfully been adopted by over 35 enterprise clients, including top real estate firms like JLL, Savills, ReMax, Century 21, and Colliers, in 20 different markets. A lucid testament to Property Raptor’s effective solutions.


What truly differentiates Property Raptor from other CRM solutions is its unique combination of cutting-edge technologies and user-friendly design. At its core, Property Raptor leverages AI capabilities to optimise property transaction processes, predict market trends, and customise sales strategies. This is complemented by the implementation of Blockchain technology, which enhances transparency and security – crucial aspects in the real estate industry. Furthermore, the platform’s revolutionary architecture, with its intuitive user interface and robust data services, facilitates seamless management and monitoring of property data.

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Moreover, Property Raptor’s platform is not merely a CRM tool; it is rather a comprehensive end-to-end property solution that aggregates and enhances the workflows of various stakeholders in the real estate transactions, making it a versatile and integral tool in property management. This enterprise-level functionality, coupled with ease of use, places Property Raptor ahead of other CRM solutions in the market.


As we move into the future, Property Raptor continues to break new grounds in the UK’s real estate industry. With its cutting-edge technology and user-centric design, it is poised to offer unparalleled value in a rapidly digitising market. The platform’s goal to streamline property transactions and create a global B2B marketplace for real estate experts illustrates a promising direction for the future of real estate CRM solutions. As the industrial landscape evolves, the need for intelligent systems like Property Raptor will grow exponentially.

To keep up to date and learn more about Property Raptor, one can visit the company’s website at or follow them on their official LinkedIn page at Join the revolution and redefine the future of real estate CRM solutions in the UK.

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