Navigating the Seas of Shipping: 13 Innovative Startups in England

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Shipping and logistics are vital for businesses to thrive, and the UK is home to several innovative startups that are changing the game. These startups offer a wide range of services, from digital freight services to AI-powered vessel optimization and e-learning platforms for commercial shipping. Here are 13 shipping startups in England, UK that you should know about.

Zencargo: Simplifying Global Trade

Zencargo is a logistics company that simplifies global trade by offering digital freight services. They use data and technology to help businesses thrive in a complex and ever-changing global trade landscape.

DeepSea Technologies: AI-Powered Vessel Optimization

DeepSea Technologies offers AI-powered vessel optimization for the maritime industry. Their predictive analytics software helps ships operate more efficiently, reducing costs and improving safety.

Startup Wharf Ltd: A Global Maritime Startup Ecosystem

Startup Wharf Ltd is an independent, virtual, global maritime startup ecosystem. They provide a platform for startups to connect with investors and industry experts, fostering innovation in the marine technology and transportation industry.

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HILO MARITIME RISK MANAGEMENT LIMITED is a risk management startup that helps companies in the shipping industry manage risks. Their expertise helps companies ensure the safety and security of their vessels and cargo.

Avasam: Full-Service Dropshipping Marketplace

Avasam is a full-service dropshipping marketplace that connects retailers with suppliers. Their platform simplifies the process of dropshipping, making it easier for retailers to offer a wide range of products to their customers.

InsureMyTrans UK Ltd: InsurTech for the Freight Service Industry

InsureMyTrans UK Ltd is an insurtech startup that offers insurance intermediary services for the freight service industry. Their innovative platform uses technology to simplify the insurance process for businesses in the shipping and logistics industry.

Wuhu: On-Demand Courier Services

Wuhu provides on-demand courier services to local businesses. Their platform connects businesses with couriers in real-time, making it easy for businesses to schedule and track deliveries.

CargoCoin: Decentralized Cargo Protocol

CargoCoin is a decentralized cargo protocol built with blockchain technology. Their platform uses a native utility token to facilitate transactions and improve transparency in the logistics and transportation industry.

MARLO: Lending Platform for the Ocean Freight Industry

MARLO is the world’s first lending platform for the ocean freight industry. Their fintech platform provides flexible lending solutions to businesses in the shipping and logistics industry.

Optimiz: Remote Containerised Cargo Inspections and Claims Optimization

Optimiz enables remote containerized cargo inspections and claims optimization. Their platform uses technology to improve efficiency and reduce costs for businesses in the shipping and logistics industry.

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CORE POWER (UK) Ltd: Advanced Atomic Technologies for Heavy Transport and Industry

CORE POWER (UK) Ltd offers advanced atomic technologies that can be a game-changer for heavy transport and industry. Their technology has the potential to revolutionize the shipping and logistics industry by providing sustainable and efficient power solutions.

ShipScope: E-Learning Platform for Commercial Shipping

ShipScope provides an e-learning platform that trains new learners and professionals about commercial shipping. Their platform offers a wide range of courses and training materials to help professionals stay up-to-date with industry trends and regulations.

Modern Marine Solutions: Smart ISM Document Control System

Modern Marine Solutions offers a smart ISM document control system that molds around existing management systems and makes it easy to use. Their software is designed to improve efficiency and streamline operations in the shipping and logistics industry.

These 13 shipping startups in England, UK are revolutionizing the industry by offering innovative services and solutions to businesses. From simplifying global trade to improving vessel efficiency and offering e-learning platforms, these startups are making shipping and logistics easier, more efficient, and more sustainable. With their expertise and dedication to innovation, they are poised to transform the shipping and logistics industry for years to come.

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