Rising Stars: 15 Birmingham IT Startups that Everyone’s Talking About!

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Birmingham, United Kingdom, is a city that thrives on innovation and entrepreneurship. In recent years, the Information Technology (IT) sector has seen significant growth, giving rise to a diverse range of startups that are reshaping industries and driving digital transformation. In this article, we showcase and explain 15 interesting IT startups in Birmingham, each with a unique offering and vision.

BrightLET: Revolutionizing Property Rental Technology

BrightLET is a multi-award winning UK-based startup that has developed an automated property rental technology aimed at landlords, tenants, and tradesmen. Their platform streamlines the rental process and enhances the overall property management experience. With an array of features and a user-friendly interface, BrightLET has become a game-changer in the real estate and rental property industry.

Energym: Powering Workouts with Clean Energy

Energym is a smart-tech fitness company that has taken a novel approach to fitness and clean energy generation. They design gym equipment that harnesses the energy generated during workouts and converts it into usable electrical power. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, Energym is at the forefront of the clean energy and fitness industry.

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Gravity 9 Solutions: Where Art Meets Science

Gravity 9 Solutions is a unique startup that combines art and science to create digital products for organizations. Their interdisciplinary approach results in cutting-edge software solutions that cater to various business needs. By bridging the gap between creativity and technology, Gravity 9 Solutions offers a fresh perspective to the IT and professional services domain.

Binary Racks: Providing Reliable Data Hosting Services

Binary Racks is a data hosting services provider that ensures secure and efficient data storage solutions. With a commitment to reliability and data security, they play a crucial role in supporting businesses’ digital infrastructure needs.

DotConnect: Planning and Designing the Future

DotConnect is a software company that specializes in planning and designing computer systems. Their expertise and services are instrumental in shaping the future of IT infrastructure and software development.

Biso Collective: Leveraging Experience for Success

Biso Collective partners with leadership teams to leverage their experience as operators and builders. By providing insights and strategies, Biso Collective contributes to the success of various IT-driven ventures.

M & N Web: Building the Digital Frontier

M & N Web is a web development firm that crafts impressive online experiences for businesses. Their expertise in web design, development, and hosting has made them a sought-after player in the IT industry.

Engineius: Pioneering Vehicle Movement Solutions

Engineius is the leading vehicle movement platform in the UK, offering sophisticated software solutions and supply chain management services. Their technology-driven approach has transformed the logistics and transportation sector.

Cirrostratus Exedra Ltd: Enabling Open Banking and Digital Tax Management

Cirrostratus Exedra Ltd specializes in Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings that revolve around open banking and making tax digital. Their solutions have streamlined financial operations for businesses and individuals.

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Complygate: Simplifying HR and Compliance Management

Complygate is a startup that provides cutting-edge HR and compliance management software, powered by artificial intelligence. Their solutions make HR processes more efficient and compliant with industry regulations.

Capri Healthcare Ltd: Innovating Healthcare with AI and ML

Capri Healthcare Ltd is at the forefront of digital innovation in the healthcare sector. By leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, they are turning the NHS Digital First strategy into a reality.

Mastermind Agency: Empowering Businesses with Digital Marketing

Mastermind Agency excels in web design, SEO, and digital marketing services. Their expertise in advertising and social media marketing has helped numerous businesses succeed online.

Bookinglab: Delivering Personalized User Experiences

Bookinglab is a technology business that specializes in providing personalized user experiences for enterprise bookings. Their IT solutions cater to businesses seeking to enhance their customer journey.

Hyvespace: Revolutionizing Customer Marketing

Hyvespace is a customer marketing platform that offers innovative solutions to businesses. With a focus on customer service and SaaS offerings, they are transforming how businesses engage with their customers.

Al Jawda: Driving Digital Transformation

Al Jawda is dedicated to assisting organizations in achieving digital transformation and delivering tangible business outcomes. Their expertise in mobile apps and software development contributes to this transformative journey.


The Birmingham IT startup scene is brimming with creativity and innovation. These 15 startups exemplify the diverse range of technology-driven solutions emerging from this vibrant city. From revolutionizing property management to harnessing clean energy through fitness, and enabling open banking to simplifying compliance management, these startups are making significant strides across various industries. As they continue to grow and shape the future, Birmingham remains a hotbed of IT entrepreneurship in the United Kingdom.

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