Startup Showcase: Accession Therapeutics – Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment

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Accession Therapeutics has set out to change the face of cancer treatment by developing a pipeline of products through its Trocept platform. Based in Oxford, the pioneering biopharma company has made significant progress in the fight against some of the most intractable and widespread forms of cancer. With exceptional preclinical data, the Trocept platform has proved its potential potency, and Accession Therapeutics is well on its way to taking its products to early clinical trial stages.


The world of cancer therapy has undergone a significant shift with the advent of immuno-oncology products. However, the development of these products, specifically T cell receptor therapy, remains challenging. Accession Therapeutics has taken on this challenge by developing its proprietary technology, the Trocept platform. The technology is based on over a decade of work and has generated exceptional preclinical data. The platform incorporates cancer-tropic viruses and is the first use of genetically modified viruses that exclusively target cancer cells. This strategy eliminates systemic toxicity and allows drugs to be administered intravenously while zeroing in on cancer cells.

Background and Expertise

Accession Therapeutics is led by Bent Jakobsen, PhD FMedSci. He is a pioneer in T cell receptor therapy for cancer, and his team has deep expertise in taking immuno-oncology products to clinical trials. With locations in Oxford, UK, Accession Therapeutics, has access to cutting-edge research and collaborations with leading academic institutions worldwide. The company has attracted a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are passionate about making a difference in cancer treatment.

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How Trocept technology Works

Trocept’s technology is designed to enable specific targeting of cancer cells while leaving noncancerous cells untouched. This is achieved by using cancer-tropic viruses, which are programmed to directly target cancer cells. The viruses then deliver therapeutic payloads that trigger an immune system response in the targeted cancer cells. Unlike traditional chemotherapy, where non-cancerous cells are often affected leading to side effects such as hair loss, vomiting, and anemia, Trocept’s precision technology leaves no room for such issues. Also, the elimination of systemic toxicity means the drugs can be delivered intravenously.

Potential in Hard to Treat and Widespread Forms of Cancer

Trocept’s highly potent and local activity has vast potential in some of the hardest to treat cancers, such as breast, cervical, colorectal, gastric, head and neck, lung, oral, ovarian, and pancreatic cancer. Such complex cancers have proved the most intractable, with current therapy options being highly invasive and/or not very effective. With the Trocept technology, Accession Therapeutics is well-positioned to revolutionize cancer treatment by taking on such highly complex cancers.


Accession Therapeutics has set its focus on creating innovative products through its Trocept platform. The combination of cancer-tropic virus technology and potent tumour-targeted drugs has the potential to revolutionize cancer treatment. Having reached exceptional preclinical data, the company’s products are now moving into early clinical trial stages. Accession Therapeutics is taking on one of the most significant challenges in the field of cancer therapy, and with a highly experienced team, it is well positioned to create innovative and effective cancer therapies that could change the world.

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