Startup Showcase: Autopsy Industries – Discovering Why Startups Fail

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Autopsy Industries has a unique mission to gather data on failed startups to provide insights into why companies fail. Their work instils hope for new businesses while providing valuable information to investors and the industry.

The Largest Database on Startup Failure

Autopsy Industries has created an extensive database of startups that have failed. Their database includes companies that have failed due to various reasons, ranging from Pre-seed to Series A stages. Autopsy captures and analyses data from these failed firms to obtain insights that can be useful to new startups and other stakeholders.

Overcoming Survivor Bias

While it’s common to focus on successful companies, this approach creates survivor bias problems that can lead to inaccurate results. Autopsy Industries overcomes this issue by gathering failure data, improving the accuracy of insights derived from their research. This unique approach has added great value to the startup industry, and the global community recognises it as a ground-breaking initiative.

Specialised in Data collection

Autopsy Industries focuses exclusively on data collection, making it one of the most specialised companies in the industry. Their team of experts gathers data from various sources, thereby ensuring that the database remains comprehensive and accurate.


Autopsy Industries is a start-up that has been successful in collecting data on failed startups, providing invaluable insights into why companies fail. The team’s dedication and commitment to their mission have resulted in a comprehensive and accurate database that is continuously updated. Autopsy’s work is highly commendable, and their dedicated approach to data collection is game-changing.

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