Startup Showcase: AccountancyManager – Automate your admin for a hassle-free accountant experience

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As a busy accountant or bookkeeper, the thought of simplifying and automating everyday tasks must be music to your ears. Imagine being able to manage your clients, staff and workload without the headache of endless paperwork and phone calls. Fortunately, that dream can now become a reality with AccountancyManager. Developed by accountants for accountants, this web-based CRM, onboarding and automation software is the perfect solution to help you streamline your workflow, track time, manage tasks, and reduce administration time to almost zero.

Workflow, Time and Cost Management: A System that Never Lets You Miss Deadlines

One of the most challenging aspects of running an accountancy business is managing deadlines. With AccountancyManager, that becomes a thing of the past. The software helps you automate your workflow by creating and managing tasks and workflows, ensuring deadlines are never missed. It also tracks work in progress and time spent to ensure accurate invoicing reducing time spent on billing.

Organise New Prospects and Boost Conversion Rates

Gone are the days of sending and receiving paper-based documents to organise new clients. With AccountancyManager’s CRM system, generating and sending quotes is a breeze. What’s more, the software generates prompts to chase your prospects, thereby improving your conversion rates. Clients sign up via their personal online portals, and you can communicate with them via text message and email within the system.

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Companies House Integration – Auto-Fill Saves You Time and Reduces Human Error

Working with Companies House can be time-consuming, with form-filling being a significant source of frustration. However, with AccountancyManager, company information auto-fills the form, reducing human error, and optimising the entire filing process. The software also alerts you every time a filing is made.

Automate Communication with SMS Text Sending and Email Integration

Communication is critical in any business, and that’s also true for accounting. With AccountancyManager’s SMS text sending and email integration features, you can communicate with clients easily and quickly.

Conclusion | Get a Free Demo

AccountancyManager is a game-changer for accountancy and bookkeeping businesses. With real-world experience from over 20 years in the industry, the software has everything you need to manage your clients effectively; no matter the size of your business. From automating your workflow to generating and tracking quotes, communication with clients and Companies House, your business will run seamlessly. If you’d like to learn more or have a free demo, visit the website or get in touch via social media.


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