Startup Showcase: Awaken Intelligence’s Conversational Analytics and Dynamic Agent Guidance Technology Revolutionizes Contact Centers

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Are you tired of waiting on the phone for what seems like forever to speak with a customer service representative? Or perhaps you are frustrated with the lack of training and guidance provided to the representative you finally do speak with? Awaken Intelligence has the solution to these common contact centre issues.

As a UK-based software startup, Awaken Intelligence is revolutionizing the contact centre industry with their AI-driven Conversational Analytics and Dynamic Agent Guidance technology. This startup showcase will dive into the exciting details of their cutting-edge technology, impressive growth, and investment potential.

The Future of Contact Centres

Awaken Intelligence’s Contact Centre Software is a game changer for contact centres. Traditionally, the majority of interactions were handled manually by representatives, leading to long wait times and lower customer satisfaction. However, Awaken Intelligence’s technology blend automation with teamwork, which enables customer service to be faster, more efficient and much more productive, saving up to 50% of costs for contact centres.

Conversational Analytics: The Secret Ingredient

One of the key features of Awaken Intelligence’s software is their cutting-edge Conversational Analytics technology. This AI-driven tool analyzes conversations between customers and representatives in real-time, providing valuable insights into customer experience and contact centre performance. Conversational Analytics can also identify common issues and trends within customer conversations, and provide suggestions on how to improve customer experience, prevent escalations and improve employee efficiency.

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Dynamic Agent Guidance: Empowering Employee

Beyond Conversational Analytics, Awaken Intelligence also offers Dynamic Agent Guidance. This feature is designed to improve employee efficiency and customer satisfaction through real-time coaching and guidance. With Dynamic Agent Guidance, customer service representatives have access to instant feedback and tips on how to handle complex issues, which leads to faster resolution times and happier customers.

Investment Opportunity: What Makes Awaken Intelligence Stand Out?

Awaken Intelligence has been experiencing rapid growth over the last several years. Their revenue has grown 813% in the last two financial years, with the company valuation doubling in the last 12 months. Investments in Awaken Intelligence are also HMRC Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) Qualified, providing investors with tax-advantaged returns. With projections of a 10x return on investment over the next five years, Awaken Intelligence offers investors an exciting opportunity to partner with a technologically advanced company with proven results.

Join the Journey

If you’re intrigued by Awaken Intelligence’s innovative technology and impressive growth, now is the time to join their journey. With their software, Conversational Analytics and Dynamic Agent Guidance, Awaken Intelligence is revolutionizing the way contact centres operate, improving customer experience and employee efficiency. Make sure you visit their website and social media links to learn more about their technology, latest news and investment opportunities.


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