Startup Showcase: AdSimulo Ltd – Revolutionizing Lift Traffic Analysis

The industry's first intelligent lift traffic analysis and simulation application.

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As part of our Startup Showcase series, we’re excited to introduce AdSimulo Ltd, a London-based startup that is revolutionizing the way architects, engineers, and consultants approach lift (elevator) design. AdSimulo is the industry’s first intelligent lift traffic analysis and simulation application that uses advanced algorithms to predict accurate lift passenger traffic for various building types. But that’s not all, AdSimulo also has a unique expert system that can analyze and suggest optimal lift designs based on simulation data.

Advanced Lift Traffic Analysis Made Simple

AdSimulo has taken lift traffic analysis to the next level by using the latest simulation algorithms to generate accurate lift passenger traffic predictions. Architects, lift designers, and consultants can now use this application to get an idea of how many passengers a lift will carry and how long they will wait to get in and out of the lift. AdSimulo also analyzes different traffic scenarios and provides solutions for managing traffic flow, ensuring the efficiency of lifts.

Simulations Lead to Optimal Lift Designs

The unique expert system in AdSimulo can quickly analyze thousands of hours of simulations and recommend the best lift design solutions. This expert system takes into account various factors such as the number of floors, the building’s population, peak traffic hours, and other variables to suggest the most efficient design. AdSimulo also provides automatically generated reports and BIM files of the lift designs for easy integration into building designs.

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Compliance Standards and Accessibility

AdSimulo Ltd is committed to following all the latest compliance standards, including EN 81-20 and EN 81-50. The company also ensures that its cloud-based solution is easy to use and accessible to all. AdSimulo can be used by anyone, regardless of their technical skill level, and provides a complete lift passenger traffic visualization to help architects and designers visualize the data more easily.

Start Designing Smarter with AdSimulo Ltd

AdSimulo Ltd is changing the way architects, designers, and consultants approach lift design. By using the latest simulation algorithms and offering a unique expert system, AdSimulo provides accurate lift passenger traffic predictions and optimal lift design solutions. The company’s commitment to compliance standards and accessibility makes the application easy to use and accessible to everyone. If you’re ready to start designing smarter, take a look at AdSimulo’s website and social media channels.


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