Startup Showcase: AkinovA – Revolutionizing (Re)insurance Trading

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AkinovA is an independent electronic marketplace for the transfer and trading of (re)insurance risks. Founded by experts from Insurance, Technology and Capital Markets, the London-based startup is working with the existing (re)insurance value chain to help grow the overall market.

Revolutionizing (Re)insurance Trading

AkinovA has disrupted the traditional (re)insurance industry by building an electronic marketplace for the buy and sell of (re)insurance risks, providing a more efficient and cost-effective model for insurers looking to transfer their risks. Similar to the stock market, buyers and sellers can find each other through the AkinovA platform, with transactions executed within seconds.

Working with Leading Industry Participants

AkinovA has gained the support of leading insurance industry participants such as Hiscox and MS&AD Insurance Group, as well as Plug and Play Insurtech, NYC based marketplace venture capitalist FJ Labs, Israel based InsurTech/FinTech venture capitalist FinTLV, and other undisclosed investors. The AkinovA Advisory Board is made up of a wealth of experience in Insurance, Capital Markets, and Technology.

Integrating Cutting-Edge Technology

AkinovA is leveraging advanced technology, including distributed ledger technology and smart contracts, to deliver a secure environment for the (re)insurance industry. The platform’s transparency, automation, and reduced transactional costs make it an attractive option for the industry.

The Future of (Re)insurance Trading

Through collaboration and innovation, AkinovA is paving the way for the future of (re)insurance trading. Their electronic marketplace is set to transform the existing value chain by reducing friction, increasing efficiency and driving liquidity.

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AkinovA is leading the pack in revolutionizing (re)insurance trading. With their independent electronic marketplace, the traditional industry is transforming to become more efficient and cost-effective. Through collaboration with leading industry participants and integration of cutting-edge technology, AkinovA is driving the future of (re)insurance trading forward.


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