Startup Showcase: AI Assisted Learning – The Virtual Trainer for Ambitions and Life Goals

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Discover a new and innovative way of tracking your progress and achieving your life goals with AI Assisted Learning. This startup showcase explores how this virtual trainer can help you customise your learning journey and create a more seamless workflow to achieve success.

What is AI Assisted Learning?

AI Assisted Learning was created to offer a unique way of mining the internet for the validation and support of life goals. The startup’s virtual training program, MyBrian, is the perfect tool for keeping you on track and improving your cognitive process. It is designed to help you organise your aspirations and reduce distractions, so you can make the most of your time, energy, and resources.

How Does MyBrian Work?

MyBrian uses artificial intelligence (AI) mixed with cognitive science to provide a cohesive and seamless workflow. The app uses digital nudging techniques at predefined times to keep you on track, making sure you are always motivated to achieve your goals.

Moreover, you can make notes, categorise links to articles, blogs, and videos on your chosen subject, and organise them on a board – all in one place. By keeping track of your progress and staying organised, you can keep a clear mind and focus on the task at hand.

The Importance of Future Features

AI Assisted Learning is committed to continually upgrading and improving MyBrian to facilitate an immersive and streamlined learning journey. Future features, such as community sharing, expert knowledge sharing, and a desktop version, will make it more accessible, and make learning an enjoyable and socially rewarding experience.

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Final Thoughts

AI Assisted Learning’s MyBrian is an innovative, AI-powered tool that can help people achieve their life goals with ease. With a unique blend of AI and cognitive science, and the added functionality of customisation and control, this virtual trainer provides a valuable opportunity for people to fulfil their ambitions hassle-free.





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