Which Manchester Social Startups are Reshaping the UK’s 2023 Tech Landscape?

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Manchester, a city known for its rich history in industry and innovation, has seen a surge in social startups in recent years. Spanning various sectors such as media, marketing, health, and technology, these social startup companies demonstrate Manchester’s budding entrepreneurial spirit. In this article, we explore 15 noteworthy social startup companies from Manchester, United Kingdom, shedding light on their unique ventures, their offerings, and the people behind them.

The Manchester startup scene is characterised by a diverse range of industries, with each company providing distinct services and experiences. These startups are driven by innovative thinkers and thought leaders who are keen on breaking the boundaries of their respective markets. From social networks that foster connection and engagement to marketing services that push the boundaries of traditional advertising, these social startups represent a vision for a more connected, creative, and socially conscious future.

The following 15 startups not only show the diversity and dynamism of Manchester’s social startup scene but also provide insights into the future of the industry. They serve as a testament to the city’s willingness to innovate and adapt to the rapid changes in today’s digital and social landscape.


Heard is a social network that enables users to connect, converse, and share experiences with others around them. The startup is active in the Mobile, Social Media, Social Network, and Software industries.

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Vivus Hub

Founded by Seun Oboite, Vivus Hub creates apps to improve and share live experiences. The startup operates in Apps, Event Management, Information Technology, Social Media, Social Network, Software, Sponsorship, and Ticketing industries.

P&B Social

P&B Social offers a full suite of social media services such as content creation, social media advertising, training, account management and consultancy services. It operates in the Consulting, Content Creators, Social Media, Social Media Advertising, and Training industries.


A social media marketing agency, lipstick is changing the face of advertising in the Social Media Advertising and Social Media Marketing industries.

The NGO Whisperer

Founded by Carolyne Akinyi, The NGO Whisperer offers end-to-end resource mobilization, project management support, risk management, and marketing services for NGOs. It operates in the Communities, Marketing, Project Management, Risk Management, and Social Impact industries.

Bristow & Hardy

Bristow & Hardy is a digital agency specializing in recruitment marketing. Their services include content marketing, brand development, SEO, and more. They are located in the Digital Marketing, Recruiting, SEO, and Social Media Marketing industries.

ValueStack Marketing

ValueStack Marketing is a digital marketing and social media marketing company that is renowned in the Digital Marketing, Social Media Advertising, and Social Media Marketing industries.


Operating in the Advertising, Brand Marketing, Marketing, Service Industry, and Social Media industries, WXY offers branding and agency services.

Alpine Creative

Alpine Creative provides social media management and web design services. It serves the Social Media and Web Design industries.


Founded by Alex Taiwo, TAD360, part of Think ADesign Group, is a fast-growing creative design, digital, and marketing agency in Manchester. The company operates in the Advertising, Consulting, Marketing, Social Media, and Web Design industries.

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Seo Services In UK

Seo Services In UK is one of the leading Local Digital Marketing Agencies in the UK. They serve the SEO, Social Media Advertising, Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing, Web Design, Web Development industries.

Manchester Local Care Organisation

Manchester Local Care Organisation is a social entity that offers medical support to the young, adult, and elderlies of the community. They serve the Communities, Health Care, Medical, and Social industries.

One Day Agency

Founded by Ricardo Seixas, One Day Agency is an Advertising & Marketing Agency, operating in the Brand Marketing, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Marketing, Mobile Advertising, Outdoor Advertising, SEM, Social Media Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Video Advertising industries.


Disobey is a games marketing agency that offers marketing campaigns in the games industry. It operates in the Market Research, Marketing, Project Management, Social Media Management industries.


Founded by Nick Singleton, Flokkr is a Privacy respecting social network for gay/bi/trans/queer adults. It operates in the Dating, LGBT, Online Forums, and Social Network industries.

These 15 startups represent only a sample of the wide-ranging and impressive social startup scene in Manchester. With each one offering a unique perspective and solution to the challenges in their respective industries, they all contribute to the vibrant startup ecosystem in Manchester.

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