Who Are England’s Most Influential Clean Energy Startups in 2023?

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As we strive towards a more sustainable future, the focus on clean, renewable energy sources continues to grow. The United Kingdom, with its innovative mindset and commitment to carbon neutrality, has seen a rise in exciting startups working tirelessly to develop cleaner, more efficient energy solutions. Through a blend of scientific know-how, severance, and a passion for a greener world, these companies are leading the charge in the UK’s energy transition. This article will shine a light on 15 of these unique startups, delving into their offerings, their mission, and their contribution to the green energy movement.

These startups are not only dedicated to clean energy production, but also to devising ingenious systems for energy management, waste reduction, and carbon capture. Whether it’s designing hydrogen engines or establishing renewable energy funds, developing in-building energy conversion systems or creating software for the energy transition, these companies are at the forefront of the clean energy revolution. Let’s explore a bit more about each of these companies.

It’s crucial that we recognise and support the businesses leading the way toward cleaner energy alternatives, paving the way for a more sustainable future. In providing a brief overview of these forward-thinking startups, we hope to offer a glimpse into the exciting possibilities offered by the clean energy sector in the UK.

Shearwater Energy

Shearwater Energy is a clean energy incubator with a concentration on low-cost bulk hydrogen production and supply. They are innovators in the clean energy, project management, and renewable energy sectors.

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SEaB Energy

Founders Nick and Sandra Sassow created SEaB Energy which created a patented micro anaerobic digestion system that transforms organics to energy, water, & fertiliser on site and inside buildings.


With its revolutionary atomic technologies designed to change the face of heavy transport and its related industries, CORE POWER (UK) Ltd is propelling clean energy to new heights. Founded by Mikal Boe.


Carnot, led by Archie Watts-Farmer, Francis Lempp, and Nadiur Rahman, uses its proprietary hydrogen engine to minimize fuel consumption while eliminating CO2 emissions.


Developing software for the energy transition, Altroleum, co-founded by Petar Besevic and Simon Spurrier, offers a unique blend of clean energy, information technology and software industries.

Us Solar Fund

With an aim to provide investors with exposure to renewable energy, Us Solar Fund serves as a representative of the clean energy, energy, renewable energy sectors.

RHC IMZADI Hydrogen Consulting

Found by Andrew Murphy, RHC IMZADI Hydrogen Consulting is a boutique consultancy that guides curious companies and organisations through the Energy Transition.

Clim8 Invest

Duncan Grierson founded Clim8 Invest, crafters of an app that allows individuals to invest in industries that combat climate change.

Global CleanTech Summit

Global CleanTech Summit, brought to life by Ross Kingsland, focuses on events and information regarding Clean Energy amongst a variety of other topics.

PF Nexus

PF Nexus, founded by Mike Smales and Scott Gillam, is a renewable energy & infrastructure deal origination platform, committed to impacting investing and sustainability.

H2 Bulletin

A news and analysis magnate in Analytics, Clean Energy and Digital Media amongst others, H2 Bulletin is leading the way in analysis of the clean energy industry.

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With a focus on investing in ventures that accelerate ESG targets through clean infrastructure for mobility, transportation and energy, ELIRE Group, founded by Luke Jenkinson, is making significant strides in clean energy.

OakTree Power

Founders Andreas Wiele and Guillaume Molhant-Proost lead OakTree Power, a London-based leading climate technology startup working towards energy efficiency and power grid management.


Seabound is an environmental consulting and engineering firm specializing in carbon capture technology, contributing substantially within the realm of clean energy.

Spark Energy Services

As a finance company in the energy service space, Spark Energy Services is making waves in the clean energy and finance sector.

As the clean energy sector continues to progress and evolve, these startups set the pace, each contributing its unique solutions to usher in a greener, cleaner future. Together, they tell a compelling story of innovation, dedication, and commitment to a sustainable tomorrow.

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