Startup Showcase: Applied AI – Solving Real-World Problems with AI

A Scaleup Growth Programme for Innovative UK AI Companies.

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As the world progresses, technology has become an integral part of our lives, and artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most promising areas of innovation. The UK’s AI sector has immense potential to create positive and real impact on society, and Applied AI is a scaleup growth programme that aims to help innovative AI companies tackle specific challenges in the sector and scale into growth rounds. In this startup showcase, we delve into the workings of Applied AI and what it offers to budding AI entrepreneurs.

What is Applied AI?

Applied AI is a scaleup growth programme aimed at AI companies that are focused on solving real-world problems. The programme span over six months and brings together a cohort of exciting tech companies with direct experience of key scaling challenges. Participants in the programme also get the opportunity to network with other like-minded founders organised under values of honesty, intimacy, and trust.

Support and Benefits

Applied AI aims to enhance the innovative UK AI companies that it supports. There are many benefits provided to companies that participate in the programme. Participants get to work with world-class mentors and experts, have access to exclusive events and workshops, and benefit from a larger community of fellow startup entrepreneurs who are facing similar challenges.

One of the core advantages of participating in Applied AI is the fact that Tech Nation takes no equity stake in businesses. Further, participation in the programme is entirely free. Therefore, the programme provides budding AI entrepreneurs and startups with the necessary support and resources to scale without the added pressure of external investment.

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Creating A Real Impact on Society

Applied AI is a programme that is centred around creating real and positive impact on society. The companies that participate in the programme are tasked with solving problems that affect the broader society in a meaningful way. The programme supports these companies by providing resources that aid in tackling specific challenges in the AI sector, thus enabling them to scale and have real-world impact.


Applied AI is a fantastic programme that provides AI entrepreneurs with the resources and opportunities they need to scale and make real-world impact. The opportunity to network with like-minded founders and collaborate with world-class mentors and experts make the programme a must for any UK AI company looking to scale. With Tech Nation taking no equity stake in businesses participating in the programme, it’s a fantastic opportunity to access the resources and support to help grow your business.





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