Startup Showcase: Locatum – Harnessing the Power of Location Intelligence to Drive Organizational Success

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As businesses continue to search for ways to drive competitive advantage, there has been a rapid growth in the adoption of location intelligence technology, which involves using location data to provide insights and support business decision-making. This is where Locatum, a Wokingham-based business consulting and services company comes into play, offering expert advice and services to organizations looking to leverage the power of location intelligence.

Expert Advice for Key Control and Value of Place

Every organization needs key control over the location data to drive value to their operations. This is where Locatum steps in, providing expert guidance on how best to leverage location data to drive operational efficiencies, increase productivity, and create value for the enterprise. Their team of geospatial experts, led by James, have decades of combined experience in the field of location intelligence, and offer practical advice and services to organizations looking to tap into this emerging technology.

A Holistic Ecosystem of Location-related Expertise

With a mission to provide a complete suite of services in location intelligence technology, Locatum has assembled a team of experts in geospatial analysis, data management, modelling, and artificial intelligence, among other related fields. This has enabled Locatum to offer a full range of services that focus on unlocking the value of location-based data, including design and implementation of enterprise-wide location data management systems, development of customized location analytics solutions, and consultancy services to businesses that need help in solving their location-related challenges.

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Innovative Data Wrangling and Transformative Digital Solutions

At Locatum, they pride themselves on being at the forefront of innovation, continuously exploring new and emerging technologies that can help their clients drive success in the digital age. This is why they employ cutting-edge AI techniques and innovative approaches to data management and processing to help organizations derive value from the location data they collect. They work with clients across various sectors, including retail, transportation, logistics, and agriculture, providing insights and recommendations that enable them to make data-driven decisions and realize significant ROI.


Locatum is more than just a business consulting and services company; they are a catalyst for change, helping businesses harness the power of location intelligence to drive key insights, operational efficiencies, and competitive advantage. With their expert guidance and holistic ecosystem of location-based data expertise, Locatum is poised to be a leader in this rapidly growing field of location intelligence technology.




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