Startup Showcase: Arkchat Ltd – The Innovative Business Messaging Platform

Revolutionizing SME communication and commerce with innovation and integration

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As the digital age provides businesses with more avenues for communication and connectivity, messaging platforms have become essential tools for team communication and collaboration. Enter Arkchat, the innovative business messaging platform that goes beyond just team communication to offer SMEs a complete solution for business management and commerce.

In this Startup Showcase, we take a deep dive into Arkchat’s unique features and offerings that make it stand out from other business messaging platforms.

Introducing Arkchat: The Ultimate Business Messaging Platform

Arkchat is a messaging platform designed to help SMEs manage their day-to-day business operations efficiently. It offers an all-in-one solution that combines team communication, collaboration, and commerce all in a single platform. The platform’s distinctive features present businesses with unprecedented capabilities to manage their operations with minimal effort.

Innovative Features of Arkchat

Arkchat comes with several unique features that differentiate it from other business messaging platforms. Here are some of the most notable ones:

  • Marketplace Integration. The platform integrates a business messaging platform with a marketplace, allowing buyers and sellers to connect with each other. This feature enables SMEs to source products and services from the marketplace and engage in conversation with sellers, without leaving the platform.
  • Multilingual Messaging. Arkchat understands that effective communication is essential in business, and being able to converse in multiple languages is crucial in today’s global market. The platform offers multilingual messaging, with messages automatically translated into over 76 languages, ensuring that everyone can converse in their language of choice.
  • Discussion of Chat Attachment. Arkchat’s unique feature allows users to discuss chat attachments. Discussions are tagged to respective attachments for easy reference, making collaboration more efficient.
  • Task and Approval Requests Conversion. With just one click, day-to-day messages can be converted into tasks or approval requests, providing SMEs with unprecedented capabilities to manage their operations without additional effort.
  • Topic and Relevance Sorting. Arkchat sorts messages by topic or relevance, making it easy for businesses to keep track of their communication and reduce the clutter of irrelevant messages.
  • Freelancer and Service Provider Invitations.
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Arkchat enables SMEs to invite freelancers, service providers, and product sellers to chat groups via the marketplace, enhancing collaboration and providing businesses with new opportunities.

Creating a Business Ecosystem with Arkchat

Arkchat’s focus on integrating business communication, collaboration, and commerce creates an ecosystem where SMEs can connect and work together. The platform brings a social media-like environment to business messaging, with SMEs and professionals sharing videos, interesting content, and other engaging materials on the Arkchat gallery.

Through Arkchat, SMEs have access to cross-border commerce, providing them with more opportunities and facilitating access to freelancers and job opportunities for professionals. With Arkchat, businesses can operate more efficiently, connect with new customers, and streamline their communication and collaboration.

Final Thoughts

Arkchat is revolutionizing business messaging by offering a complete solution that goes beyond just communication. The platform’s innovative features, such as marketplace integration, multilingual messaging, discussion of chat attachments, and task conversion, present SMEs with unprecedented capabilities to manage their operations.

Arkchat’s goal is to create an ecosystem where businesses and professionals can connect and work together, making cross-border commerce and job opportunities more accessible. If you are looking for an all-in-one business messaging platform that can help you manage your operations efficiently while connecting you with new customers and opportunities, Arkchat is the app for you.


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