Startup Showcase: RECASH – Upgrade Any Bank Card to a Cashback Card

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Are you tired of loyalty programmes that require extra effort and personal information from you? RECASH offers a revolutionary solution that turns any bank card into a cashback card, boosting both customer loyalty and market share for our partners. As a new player in the payment and retail sector, RECASH provides a fresh and innovative approach to loyalty programmes, using AI technology to target competitors’ customers and provide automatic cashback to users.

Revolutionising Loyalty Programmes

Most loyalty programmes focus on existing customers, limiting their ability to expand a business’s market share. RECASH offers a unique solution by targeting competitors’ customers, enticing them to try our partners’ services with the promise of cashback. Our algorithm analyses user profiles and payment data to identify payment made to our partners’ competitors, prompting users to switch to our partners for cashback rewards.

Simplicity and Discretion for Users

RECASH makes it quick and easy for users to benefit from our cashback programme. All that’s required is a simple one-click permission to access transaction data. We don’t require extra loyalty cards, QR codes or coupon codes, and receipts don’t need to be scanned. Users can use their bank cards as they normally would, and cashback is automatically credited within 48 hours. No extra effort, no hassle, and complete discretion.

Cutting-edge Technology

RECASH is an authorised Account Information Service Provider (AISP) operating under the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2). Our AI-powered algorithm analyses user data to provide the most efficient and personalised cashback rewards for our partners. We’re now looking for investors with network and expertise in the payment and retail sector to help us expand and revolutionise the loyalty programmes industry.

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Experience the Future of Loyalty Programmes

If you’re tired of complex, cumbersome, and ineffective loyalty programmes, then it’s time to experience RECASH. Upgrade your bank card to a cashback card today and enjoy the simplicity, discretion, and efficiency of our innovative loyalty programme. Check out our website and social media pages to learn more about RECASH and our vision for the future of payment and retail.





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