Startup Showcase: Bageera Industries – Unlocking Investment Opportunities to Protect and Restore Nature

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For years, investing in nature has been out of reach for most retail investors. But Bageera Industries is changing that with their innovative mission to democratise access to natural capital investments. At Bageera, the goal is to allow everyone to invest and own parts of nature’s untapped potential, while simultaneously protecting and restoring our planet. In this Startup Showcase, we’ll explore how Bageera Industries is revolutionising the world of nature-focused investment, and how their integrated platform aims to make a positive impact on the planet, while helping investors achieve financial returns.

What is Bageera Industries?

Bageera Industries is a groundbreaking web platform that connects investors with sustainable natural capital opportunities. Through their integrated platform, Bageera brings together investment opportunities, fractionalisation, digital securities and market platforms, empowering retail and institutional investors literally to own parts of the earth, allowing everyone to be a part of the solution by investing in nature. Since their inception, Bageera has been on a mission to restore nature’s assets by protecting them and creating value for investors, simultaneously preserving a healthy earth for future generations.

How Does Bageera Work?

The process of investing with Bageera is as seamless as it is rewarding. Bageera sources natural capital investment opportunities, passes them through thorough technical and financial due diligence and offers them to retail investors in small denominations. Once investors have purchased their desired share through digital securities, they own fractional shares of the project. The Bageera platform offers personalised investment options tailored to fit individual investment goals, tenure, and level of diversification. The platform allows investors to track their portfolio and cash out their investment at any time, all while contributing to positive environmental outcomes.

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Bageera Industries: Building a Sustainable Future

Bageera Industries is a standout investing platform that uses people-powered capital to transform the way investors think about the natural world. Their digital marketplace allows individuals to invest in a growing number of sustainable investment opportunities, capitalising on the latest innovations in natural capital, while simultaneously supporting the fight against climate change. By offering retail and institutional investors the chance to participate in a wide range of investment opportunities and the benefits that come from sharing ownership in natural assets, Bageera Industries is laying the groundwork for a sustainable future that works for both the planet and investors alike.


Bageera Industries is an innovative startup that we believe deserves recognition in our Startup Showcase. Their mission to democratise natural capital investment opportunities is forward-thinking and impactful, and we’re excited to see where this growing platform will go next.



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