Startup Showcase: Neumind – Technological Solutions for Neurological Conditions and Injuries

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Neumind is a UK-based startup that is focused on empowering people living with neurological conditions and injuries to lead a more functional, independent life. The Neumind team has developed a unique app called Alfred that offers practical, therapeutic support to individuals, as well as their formal and informal caregivers.

A Revolutionary Solution for Neurological Rehabilitation

Neumind’s Alfred app is a revolutionary solution for neurological rehabilitation, offering a range of features that are designed to stimulate neural pathways, support cognitive functions and help individuals establish behaviors and strategies rooted in neurorehabilitation and cognitive behavioral science. The app is highly personalized, offering bespoke support to every individual user based on their unique needs, goals and condition.

An Indispensable Resource for Caregivers

Neumind’s Alfred app is not just about supporting individuals living with neurological conditions and injuries, but also their caregivers. Caregiving can be an incredibly demanding job, both physically and emotionally, and Alfred offers a range of resources and tools to make the caregiver’s life easier. From personalized schedules and reminders to daily progress tracking and well-being checks, Alfred helps caregivers stay organized, informed and supported.

Exceptional Customer Service and Support

In addition to its innovative app, Neumind offers exceptional customer service and support to its users. The team pride themselves on being approachable, responsive and committed to making a real difference in people’s lives. Whether you have a question about using the app, need advice on adapting to life with a neurological condition or just want to chat, Neumind’s staff are always available to help.

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Neumind is an exceptional startup that is making a real difference in the lives of individuals living with neurological conditions and injuries. With a unique app that offers personalized support to individuals and their caregivers, Neumind is at the forefront of technological innovation in neurorehabilitation. If you or someone you know is living with a neurological condition or injury, we highly recommend checking out Neumind’s website and socials to learn more about how they can help.





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