Startup Showcase: Bellwether Industries – Revolutionizing Urban Air Mobility

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If you’re tired of the mundane hours spent commuting in traffic, Bellwether Industries has the perfect solution for you. Founded in London in January 2019, this human-centric Urban Air Mobility (UAM) startup is on a mission to revolutionize the way people travel within cities. In this Startup Showcase, we take a closer look at Bellwether Industries and their innovative urban aircraft, volar.

Introducing Bellwether Industries

Bellwether Industries is a UK based startup that aims to make sky commuting not only feasible but also desirable. With its innovative aircraft, the company envisions a future where people can travel to any point within cities quickly, efficiently, and comfortably. The company’s mission is to build a brand new 3-dimensional lifestyle and lead the way towards comprehensive urban mobility.

The Volar Aircraft

Bellwether Industries’ volar aircraft is a breakthrough invention that is set to transform urban air travel. Unlike traditional aircraft, volar has a hidden propulsion system, allowing it to fly quietly and not disturb the peace of city dwellers. The aircraft’s design is human-centric, focusing on providing an enjoyable in-flight experience for passengers.

Safe, Efficient, and Comfortable Urban Air Mobility

Bellwether Industries is dedicated to ensuring its UAM system is safe, efficient, and comfortable for its passengers. The company aims to develop a network of skyports that will be easily accessible from the ground and offer a seamless transition from ground to air travel. The aircraft itself is designed with safety in mind, incorporating advanced technology for autonomous flight and anti-collision systems.

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A Vision for the Future of UAM

Bellwether Industries is committed to leading the world towards a comprehensive urban mobility and revolutionizing the way we travel. By providing a convenient, comfortable, and sustainable alternative to traditional ground transportation, the company’s vision is to create a second city surface in the sky. With volar, Bellwether Industries is ready to introduce its ultimate vision for the future.


Bellwether Industries is poised to play a vital role in the future of urban air travel. Their innovative approach to UAM is sure to have a profound impact on how we move around cities. Bellwether Industries’ volar aircraft is a testament to the company’s vision of making sky commuting accessible to everyone. We can’t wait to see their vision of a second city surface come to life.





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