Startup Showcase: Deets Industries – The App That Makes Paper Business Cards Obsolete

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Are you fed up with carrying around stacks of business cards that you forget to give out or lose altogether? Do you hate the hassle of manually entering contact details into your phone’s address book? Deets is here to revolutionize the way we exchange contact information.

Introducing Deets: The End of Paper Business Cards

Deets is the only app out there that lets you create your own digital business card and transfer it to someone else’s phone with just one tap. No more fumbling through pockets for a physical card or manually inputting contact info into your phone.

With Deets, creating your digital business card couldn’t be easier. You can choose from a variety of customizable templates with a range of backgrounds available. Need something a bit more eye-catching? Why not go for a moving background that’s sure to make an impression?

Deets Is Perfect for All Types of Contacts

Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or someone looking to share their personal contact information, Deets has got you covered. The app is perfect for swapping either business or personal contact information.

Deets is Eco-Friendly

As Deets is an entirely digital solution, it’s not only practical but also eco-friendly. By eliminating the need for paper business cards, the app is saving the planet, one digital card at a time.

Final Thoughts

Deets is an innovative and well-executed solution to a problem we’ve all experienced: the pain of exchanging contact details. With captivating templates and an easy-to-use interface, Deets makes creating your digital card a breeze. Plus, with the added bonus of being eco-friendly, Deets will surely make an impact in the world of contact information exchange.

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Read more from UKT News:  Debit Card Startups in England: 15 Innovative Companies Changing the Game

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