Startup Showcase: Binary Management – Advanced Project Operations Tool for Interior Designers

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Are you tired of managing interior design projects manually? Say hello to Binary Management (BM), the ultimate solution for project management in the interior design industry. Focused on consolidating four fundamental components – planning, costing, tracking, and reporting – BM is an advanced project operations tool that helps interior designers streamline their project management process. With BM, designers can save time, reduce errors, and boost profitability.

Costing: Streamlining Design Fees

BM’s costing engine is designed to calculate design fees through the input of key project data. By using built-in design templates, the engine generates lists of tasks and aggregates the time required per task to establish a base cost for the project team. Adding other direct costs is easy, and the tool allows for a more streamlined design fee calculation process.

Planning: Auto-Generated Project Delivery Plan

BM automates the project design delivery plan for each stage of a project. This includes a recommended list of team members and their respective allocated tasks. The plan can be presented in daily, weekly, or monthly schedules, making it easier to stay on track with project timelines.

Tracking: Real-Time Project Progress

With minimal time and status inputs on allocated deliverables by the design team, BM’s tracking tool provides a macro and micro level real-time picture of any project. Any deviations from the project plan are immediately indicated within the system, allowing designers to keep track of the project progress and address issues before they escalate.

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Reporting: Consolidated Project Data

BM consolidates all project plan data from tracking into a single location, making it extremely easy to analyze, report and learn from project performance. With the tool’s easy-to-read charts and graphs, designers can quickly identify project trends and areas for improvement.


Binary Management is a game-changer for interior designers. With its advanced project management capabilities, designers can streamline their project management process, reduce errors, and boost profitability. Binary Management’s powerful project operations tool consolidates four essential components – planning, costing, tracking, and reporting – to make project management more efficient, effective and profitable.





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