Startup Showcase: BioFab Ltd is revolutionising healthcare diagnostics

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Innovative medical diagnostic device developer BioFab Ltd is making waves in the healthcare industry with its pioneering approach to point-of-care testing (POCT) applications. Creating a range of test cartridges which can run on a single, universal reader device, BioFab is making healthcare diagnostics available to a wider population and bringing the clinical lab to the patient. With a focus on creating a truly universal diagnostic platform, BioFab’s innovative approach enables fully automated processing which results in laboratory-grade results without risk of cross-contamination.

Poised for success, BioFab is already contributing to the current Covid-19 effort with the support of an Innovate UK Smart award, and has already lined up expansion plans to cover cardio-vascular disease, respiratory/gastric infections, blood infections (sepsis), STDs, Cancer and other conditions. With the ability to access the rapidly expanding Chinese market and established partners in China for manufacturing and distribution, BioFab is set to become a global leader in the medical diagnostics space.

Universal Diagnostic Platform

BioFab’s vision is to create a truly universal diagnostic platform that can bring the clinical lab to the patient. This innovative approach offers a diverse range of test cartridges that can function on a single, universal reader device. Unlike traditional tests that require intensive clinical procedures, BioFab’s platform only needs the addition of a patient sample for fully automated processing to produce laboratory-grade results without the risk of contamination. Creating a universal platform, BioFab has opened up the potential for improving medical care across the globe, especially in remote areas where lab testing is more of a challenge.

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Innovative Approach to Medical Diagnostics

BioFab is not only moving towards creating a universal platform for medical diagnostics but is also embracing innovative approaches in its product development. Their approach is towards reducing errors and improving accuracy in medical testing. BioFab’s automated processing will decrease the likelihood of human error, thus providing reliable results. In the era of personalised medicine, BioFab is working towards making medical care even more personalised with enhanced accuracy and precision.

Contribution towards COVID-19

At the forefront of global efforts to fight Covid-19, BioFab is developing a test product for the virus with the support of an Innovate UK Smart award. The need for effective and efficient testing has never been as high as it is today, and BioFab is making every effort to contribute to its development. The test aims to produce results within a few hours of the patient sample being taken, thus enabling quicker and more efficient diagnosis.


BioFab is a medical diagnostic device developer that is advancing health care diagnostics through the creation of a universal platform. The company’s innovative approach to fully automated processing and reducing errors is enhancing medical care across the globe. With the support of established partners in China and plans to expand the product line to cover a range of diseases, BioFab is set to revolutionise healthcare diagnostics.


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