Startup Showcase: Cadava Industries – Affordable Quality Website Consulting & Hosting for All

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Are you a startup founder or business owner looking for affordable website consulting and hosting services? Look no further than Cadava Industries. Our team of subject matter experts provides digital transformation consulting services to medium and large entities looking to scale without exorbitant overheads.

A Precision Strike Force for Digital Transformation

At Cadava Industries, we operate like a precision strike force rather than the entire army. With lean tactical units composed of subject matter experts, we iterate more efficiently with fewer silos. This agile development approach flows bi-laterally from the top down and the bottom up from clients to products and back again.

Services for Startups, Scaling, and Transformations

We offer a range of services to help startups, scaling companies, and entities undergoing digital transformations. Our offerings include development and design, content and marketing, integrations and cloud, and innovation. With this wide range of services, we provide holistic solutions to help our clients achieve their digital transformation goals.

Cloud-Based Tools and Services

At Cadava Industries, we use cloud-based tools and services that can be automated at the touch of a button. Our tools include Amazon Web Services, Adobe CC, Steinberg, Google Cloud Platform, Trello, Slack, Atlassian, MySQL, BitBucket, and others. These tools allow us to work efficiently and quickly, delivering results to our clients at a reasonable cost.

As a Digital Consultation Boutique, we prioritize transparency and honesty. You and your key contacts can participate directly in the process, allowing for better communication and collaboration. Our visible process ensures that you always know the status of your project, and our subject matter experts ensure that we address the heart of the matter quickly.

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If you’re looking for affordable quality website consulting and hosting services, Cadava Industries is the partner for you. With a team of subject matter experts and cloud-based tools and services, we deliver on our promise of helping our clients achieve their digital transformation goals.


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