Startup Showcase: Gapsquare – Using AI to Build Fair and Engaged Workforces

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Gapsquare is a startup software company that aims to help businesses build fair, engaged, and productive workforces through data intelligence, machine learning (ML), and AI. Based in Bristol, UK, the company has developed intuitive and AI software called FairPay®, which makes it easy to analyse and track pay disparity, pay equality, and pay gap data. This instantly produces reports, recommendations, and predictions ready for policy development.

How it Works

Gapsquare’s FairPay® software is designed to provide businesses with insight into their pay data so they can make informed decisions about creating fair and diverse workforces. The data intelligence tool is powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and algorithms that are capable of identifying pay disparities and evaluating their root causes. In addition, the software is simple to use and features an intuitive dashboard that can be calibrated to the specific needs of any company.

What Makes Gapsquare Different

One of the key differentiators of Gapsquare is its team of expert data, tech, and AI professionals who have combined their knowledge and experience to build a powerful software solution that helps businesses of all sizes to build fairer workplaces. The company’s team of experienced equality and diversity practitioners have helped build a software solution that utilises cutting-edge technology to truly advance equality in the workplace.

Moreover, Gapsquare’s FairPay® software is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), which gives businesses confidence that the tool is reliable and effective. The company also provides educational resources and training for its clients, so they can make the most of their data intelligence tool.

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Gapsquare is a worthy addition to the UK startup scene, offering businesses the tools needed to create fair and engaged workforces, using data intelligence, machine learning, and AI. The company’s FairPay® software makes it easy to identify pay disparities, track pay transparency and equal opportunities, and make informed decisions backed by recommendations and predictions. By doing so, Gapsquare empowers businesses and HR teams worldwide to make a lasting and positive impact on the future of work.


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