Startup Showcase: Previsico – Real-time Flood Prediction Solutions

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As flood-related disasters become more frequent, businesses and communities need real-time flood prediction solutions. Previsico, a spinout company from Loughborough University, provides such solutions with its cutting-edge FloodMap Live technology. In this startup showcase, we’ll explore the story behind the company, their technology, and what makes them unique.

What is Previsico?

Previsico is a global provider of real-time, street-level flood prediction and analytical solutions. However, the company’s roots start with its founders’ research at Loughborough University. Their work used machine learning algorithms to predict floods on small to medium scales. In 2017, Previsico spun out of the University and now offers a range of services to help businesses and governments prepare for floods.

What makes them unique?

Previsico’s FloodMap Live is unique from other flood prediction systems because it produces real-time street-level flood risk predictions and analytics. The company’s modelling of flooding is updated continuously using a combination of different weather forecasts. This enables them to map the possibility of short-term and long-term surface water events that occur in real-time. The company uses state-of-the-art technology to obtain high-quality data, ensuring their predictions are as accurate as possible.

Who benefits from Previsico?

Previsico provides its services to the global business and government sectors. This includes city councils, water utilities, insurers, and emergency services. The company also offers its services to residential properties, where they can monitor potential flood risks in real-time. This service is particularly important as flooding can lead to devastating consequences for families and businesses. By providing up-to-date information and predictions, Previsico’s services can reduce costs and risks for all parties involved.

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What’s the future of Previsico?

Previsico’s mission is to be the leading global provider of cutting-edge flood prediction solutions that save lives and livelihoods. The company is currently expanding its services globally in response to the worldwide increase in flooding. Previsico is also exploring and developing new technologies that will aid in the mapping and prediction of floods. The company is confident that its technology will continue to be used to help reduce the potential damage caused by floods.


Previsico is an innovative startup that’s using the latest technology to make a difference in the world. With real-time street-level flood prediction services, they’re helping to save lives and livelihoods. For businesses and governments that need critical information to plan for floods, Previsico is the go-to provider. The company provides an essential service that not only benefits individuals and businesses but also communities and governments across the world.





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