Startup Showcase: Carryr – The Next-Gen Delivery Experience

Supercharging the shopping experience with speed and flexibility for tomorrow's consumer.

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Carryr is a London-based startup that offers a next-generation, end-to-end delivery solution to e-commerce retailers. With their innovative approach to convenience, Carryr aims to exceed their customers’ expectations by providing a clean and immediate 90-minute delivery or the option to schedule for later. In this startup showcase, we’ll take a closer look at how Carryr is revolutionizing the e-commerce delivery industry.

Improving the E-commerce Experience with Speed and Flexibility

The e-commerce landscape is rapidly evolving, and consumers are seeking faster and more convenient ways to shop online. Carryr offers a solution to this challenge by providing a delivery service that is both speedy and flexible. With their 90-minute delivery option, consumers can receive their orders in real-time, making online shopping as convenient as shopping in-store.

Carryr also offers customers the option to schedule a delivery time that works best for them. This feature is particularly attractive to busy and dynamic individuals who need to coordinate their deliveries around their schedules. By offering this flexibility, retailers can improve their customer conversion and retention rates while also improving the overall customer experience.

End-to-End Delivery Solution

Carryr’s delivery solution is designed to be end-to-end, meaning that it covers every aspect of the delivery process. From pick up to delivery, Carryr provides a seamless experience for retailers and consumers alike. Their platform integrates with a retailer’s existing systems, allowing for easy integration into the retailer’s workflow.

Moreover, Carryr ensures that their delivery team is highly skilled and reliable, and all orders are tracked in real-time. With this level of visibility, retailers can keep their customers informed of their order status, leading to improved customer satisfaction and engagement.

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Optimizing the Checkout and Post-Purchase Experience

Carryr’s mission is to complete the promise of e-commerce convenience for retailers and customers. By offering a solution that improves the delivery experience, Carryr helps retailers optimize their checkout and post-purchase experience, leading to increased customer happiness and loyalty.

Through Carryr’s delivery solution, retailers can cut down on delivery times and costs, while also improving their overall customer experience. By providing more convenient and flexible delivery options, retailers can meet the needs of the modern consumer and stay ahead of the competition.


Carryr’s innovative approach to delivery is disrupting the e-commerce industry in the UK. By offering a solution that is both fast and flexible, Carryr is meeting the needs of the modern consumer, while also helping retailers optimize their customer conversion and retention rates. We look forward to seeing how Carryr continues to transform the delivery industry with their next-gen approach.


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