Startup Showcase: Mojo Industries – Specializing in Men’s Sexual Well-being

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Mojo Industries is a startup founded in 2019 in London giving individuals access to specialized therapies targeted at addressing psychological sexual issues. The app offers a subscription service that allows users to receive on-demand support in their sexual well-being.

Reviving sexual well-being

Mojo offers a range of exercises to help men revive their sexual well-being, from psychosexual therapy to online courses with world-class sexual wellness professionals. The app gives the user access to exercises that will help combat sexual frustration caused by psychological barriers, rather than physical problems. Mojo takes the narrative surrounding sexual well-being for men and changes it, encouraging men to seek help and giving them tools and exercises to perform in a private physical space.

Express Your sexuality at any time

The Mojo app offers a discreet platform to discuss sexual issues with professional sexual therapists within the privacy of your own home. One of the distinctive features of the app is the on-demand fast-tracking option, which offers subscribers a consultation with a professional psychosexual therapist in under an hour. Mojo is tailored towards modern lifestyles and ensuring that men have the access and the help they deserve when struggling.

Help when you need it

As an app, the platform offers affordable and convenient access to services that can be difficult to obtain in traditional settings. It is a smart initiative to have an app dedicated to men’s sexual well-being, addressing psychological problems and directly targeting the stigmatization that many experience. The sexual well-being industry has steadily grown, and Mojo has found an innovative approach to tackle the issue head-on by using technology to facilitate the support men need.

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In all, Mojo Industries has created a necessary service in modern society, where more and more people are turning to technology to access support. It’s clear from the startup’s ethos that their goal is to break down societal stigma and create a safe and encouraging atmosphere for men struggling with psychological sexual barriers.


With wider access to specialized therapies and guidance, Mojo is empowering men to reclaim their sexuality and move beyond the sexual frustration that was holding them back. To learn more, head over to Mojo’s website and social media pages, and give the app a try – you never know how much it might change your life.


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