Startup Showcase: Neuroute – Revolutionizing clinical trials with data-driven recruitment

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Neuroute is a London-based startup that is transforming the way clinical trials are conducted. Their innovative software allows healthcare professionals and sponsors to reach potential participants quickly and efficiently, using real-time data from online health-related conversations. With their technology, Neucruit aims to increase the transparency and diversity of clinical trials, ultimately improving the quality of healthcare outcomes.

Introducing Neuroute: transforming clinical trial recruitment

Neuroute was founded in 2018 by a team of experts with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry. The company’s mission is to streamline clinical trial recruitment, which can be a time-consuming and costly process. Traditional recruitment methods are often limited, with many trials failing to reach their enrolment targets, resulting in delays and additional expenses for sponsors.

Neuroute’s solution is to use artificial intelligence and data analytics to identify potential participants in real-time. Their technology searches online discussion forums, social media, and other online platforms for keywords and phrases related to medical conditions and treatments. This generates a pool of potential participants that healthcare professionals can target with recruitment materials.

The benefits of Neuroute’s approach to clinical trial recruitment

Neuroute’s approach has several advantages:

  • It saves time and money by identifying participants quickly, enabling trials to move forward more rapidly.
  • It increases transparency by providing sponsors with a clear picture of the recruitment process and its results.
  • It improves the diversity of trial participants by reaching groups that may be overlooked by traditional recruitment methods.
  • It enhances the participant experience by providing them with information about clinical trials they may not have otherwise found.
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Neuroute’s technology is already being used by several biopharmaceutical companies to facilitate recruitment and improve site selection. The company is also working with clinical sites and investigators to optimize recruitment materials and strategies, with the goal of reaching even more potential participants in the future.

Joining the fight against COVID-19

Neuroute’s technology has become even more critical during the COVID-19 pandemic, with clinical trials playing a vital role in developing vaccines and treatments. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of technology-enabled recruitment strategies that can reach large numbers of potential participants in a short amount of time. Neuroute has been working with the UK government and several clinical sites to accelerate the recruitment process for COVID-19 trials.


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