Startup Showcase: Cashswapper – Disrupting the Currency Exchange Market

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Cashswapper is a unique fintech startup located in London, England, with a sole aim of disrupting the currency exchange market. With a team of passionate and innovative individuals deeply concerned about the high fees charged by banks and traditional exchange houses when exchanging currencies, Cashswapper was born.

Unique Features of Cashswapper App

The Cashswapper app is a peer to peer currency exchange platform that allows users to swap currencies without incurring any fees. Once a user lists a currency to swap, the Cashswapper algorithm automatically matches users who match each other’s criteria. They can then arrange a safe and secure meeting point and swap currencies.

In addition to providing a feeless currency exchange platform, Cashswapper provides an innovative solution to safety for its users. By partnering with local businesses, Cashswapper provides their users with a safe and secure location to swap currencies, in exchange for increased footfall to the businesses. For even greater security, Cashswapper plans to open premises in central locations where users can conduct swaps in a safe environment.

Cashswapper’s Drive for Global Expansion

Cashswapper aims to revolutionize the currency exchange market worldwide by building a platform that allows all currency exchange shops, regardless of their size, to access their users. This can be done through an online store that will allow exchange shops to sell their currency, analyze sales trends, and control stock levels. Users of Cashswapper will also have the option to reserve currency directly with the exchange shop.

Cashswapper has already gained global recognition, since its launch two years ago. The company has been featured in many reputable publications, such as The Telegraph, Business Insider, and Forbes. Cashswapper is currently in the process of expanding their reach across Europe, Asia, and Africa.

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Cashswapper app is an innovative solution for individuals, tourists, and businesses alike to swap their currencies without incurring any fees. Cashswapper is committed to revolutionizing the currency exchange market globally, and this has been demonstrated by the unique features present in their app. It is a startup worth keeping an eye on for anyone interested in fintech innovation.


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