Startup Showcase: Mattereum’s Vision for a Trusted On-chain Marketplace

Enabling the Secure Trading of Physical Assets using NFTs

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Welcome to’ Startup Showcase, featuring Mattereum – an innovative startup based in London, England. In this showcase, we will explore how Mattereum is leveraging blockchain technology to create a trusted on-chain marketplace for the secure trading of physical assets.

Introducing Mattereum and its Core Innovation

Mattereum is a startup founded with the goal of making physical assets globally accessible in a secure and trustworthy manner. The company’s core innovation is the Mattereum Asset Passport, which eliminates information asymmetry between buyers and sellers. The passport precisely specifies the value-defining attributes of assets as a series of warranted claims. With either the vendor or a third party acting as a warrantor, there is a rock-solid binding between on-chain transactions and legal dispute resolution mechanisms.

Building a Trust Layer for Blockchains

Mattereum’s role is to provide the trust layer for blockchain-based asset trading. By abstracting away the details of trust and dispute resolution, buyers and sellers can access a global marketplace for physical assets securely. This solves a critical problem – the need for counterparty trust between buyers and sellers. Mattereum’s solution provides a way for physical goods to be securely traded on-chain without the need for such trust.

Mattereum’s Successes

Mattereum has already achieved significant success. The company has a pipeline of clients, including gold mints, art dealers, collectible sellers, and wine merchants. For these clients, Mattereum has completed real-world sales of high-value objects. This is a testament to the power of the Mattereum Asset Passport and its ability to provide a trusted layer for asset trading.

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The Future for Mattereum

Mattereum is currently on a mission to scale sales rapidly to address billions of dollars worth of physicals across multiple asset classes. The company aims to use the knowledge graph across its asset passports to build out a powerful exchange platform with revolutionary new liquidity-enhancing functionality. From this foundation, the company plans to enable secondary markets to function efficiently and sustainably, allowing assets to be accurately priced with regard to circularity. Ultimately, Mattereum aims to provide circularity-as-a-service to its clients, facilitating a move towards a circular economy.


Mattereum is on a mission to create a trusted on-chain marketplace for physical assets, using blockchain technology to provide a trust layer that enriches asset data and handles dispute resolution. The company’s innovative solution, the Mattereum Asset Passport, eliminates information asymmetry between buyers and sellers. With real-world sales of high-value objects already completed, Mattereum is well on its way to achieving its goals. With a focus on scaling sales rapidly and building out new liquidity-enhancing functionality, Mattereum is helping to revolutionize the way we trade physical assets.





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