Startup Showcase: Myconeos Limited – Innovating through Fungal Biotechnology

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Myconeos Limited is a fungal biotechnology company that is changing the game in breaching new strains of fungi for a wide range of applications. Based in Nottingham, UK, the company has developed techniques for breeding fungi that have significant real-world applications.

Breaking barriers in the blue cheese market

The company’s research discovered the sexual mating cycle of Penicillium roqueforti, the fungal starter culture used in the production of blue cheese. With over 120 new strains bred, the company has found the optimum strains for cheese production, which will create a re-invigoration of the blue cheese category worldwide. As a UK first, blue cheese starter cultures will be available to purchase from Myconeos Limited.

Applications of fungal biotechnology beyond food

In addition to food cultures, Myconeos Limited is exploring other applications of fungal biotechnology. The company is researching solutions for bio-remediation, bio-fermentation, and the production of enzymes and colours. This research will have significant implications for a range of industries, from agriculture to cosmetics.


Myconeos Limited is truly pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved through fungal biotechnology. Their research has significant applications in many fields, and their products’ release has created a buzz in the food industry, the first of its kind worldwide. Register your interest with to be the first to try out their new Penicillium roqueforti starter cultures used by blue cheese producers worldwide.


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