Startup Showcase: Charter Space Industries – Streamlining satellite missions with innovative logistics software

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Charter Space Industries is a London-based startup that is changing the way satellite missions are managed by developing innovative logistics software. The company aims to streamline the logistical processes involved in launching and managing satellites, in order to reduce wasted engineering hours and minimize manual admin for satellite companies. Charter is building the foundational layer upon which the entire space industry will run, grow, and thrive, with its cutting-edge logistics software called UBIK.

Introducing Charter Space Industries

Charter Space Industries was founded in 2019 by a team of experienced space industry professionals who had become frustrated with the inefficiencies and costs involved in managing satellite missions. The company’s mission is to make launching spacecraft simple, by developing an intuitive and collaborative platform for satellite logistics and program management. Charter is leveraging the latest technologies, including cloud computing and machine learning, to create a comprehensive platform that will transform the space industry.

The Problem with Launching Satellites

The launch and management of satellites involve complex processes and workflows that require multiple teams to work together effectively. The logistical challenges involved in launching a satellite include mission planning, communication infrastructure, launch vehicle selection, and launch site preparation. Currently, many satellite missions involve a significant amount of manual admin and coordination between different teams. This can lead to wasted engineering hours, delays, and increased costs. Charter’s UBIK platform aims to address these inefficiencies and make satellite missions more streamlined and cost-effective.

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The Solution: UBIK

UBIK is a collaborative logistics and program management platform designed specifically for satellite companies. The platform provides satellite teams with streamlined processes and workflows, automation of manual tasks, and information and communications infrastructure to enable teams to work more effectively with each other. UBIK allows engineering teams to get back to engineering, managers to coordinate information and organize artifacts, and executives to accurately track and report key metrics at a glance. With UBIK, satellite companies can streamline their logistical processes, reduce wasted engineering hours, and save on costs.

The Future of the Space Industry

Charter Space Industries is leading the way in revolutionizing the space industry by developing cutting-edge logistics software that will streamline the launch and management of satellites. The company’s UBIK platform is designed to become the foundational layer on which the entire space industry runs, grows, and thrives. With its innovative approach to space logistics, Charter is well positioned to become a leading player in the rapidly growing commercial space industry.


Charter Space Industries is a startup that is making waves in the space industry with its innovative approach to satellite logistics. The company’s UBIK platform is set to revolutionize the way satellite missions are managed by providing a comprehensive and collaborative logistics platform. With its experienced team of space industry professionals and cutting-edge technology, Charter is positioning itself to become a leader in the commercial space industry.


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