Startup Showcase: OwlGaze – AI Powered Cybersecurity SaaS

Discover how OwlGaze's revolutionary AI technology is revolutionizing cybersecurity in the UK.

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OwlGaze – AI Powered Cybersecurity SaaS is a London-based startup that is transforming the way companies approach cybersecurity. With their proprietary predictive AI-based threat detection software, Blacklight, OwlGaze offers first-in-class security that enables a proactive approach to identify, prioritize, and prevent cyber attacks using advanced correlation and AI.

Enterprise-Level Cybersecurity Solutions

OwlGaze’s enterprise-level software provides a proactive approach to cybersecurity. Their AI-powered technology accelerates detection and decision-making which provides businesses with added security. With their focus on cybersecurity software and advisory, OwlGaze is quickly becoming the go-to source to protect online assets.

Strategy & Architecture:

OwlGaze offers a range of secure strategy and architecture solutions specifically designed for companies looking to assess and analyze their risk management. Their team of experts provides custom-made solutions to protect company assets and intellectual property.

Identity & Data:

OwlGaze offers cutting-edge identity and data solutions. The team’s knowledge and experience of security standards make them the ideal partner for businesses looking to safeguard their data assets.

GRC & Privacy:

OwlGaze provides comprehensive governance, risk, and compliance services. Their efficient handling and management of business data assure the safety and security of customer data.

Cybersecurity Experts

OwlGaze is backed by a world-class team of security professionals equipped with deep technical skills and experience in cybersecurity best standards and practices. They offer a personalized service that allows companies to address complex cyber issues while establishing tools, methods, and solutions to tackle constant disruptive changes in any sector.

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Investment and Support

OwlGaze’s partnership and investment from IMS Digital Ventures, a venture capital firm with an investment portfolio valued over USD 250 Million, and Integrated Management Systems, Asia’s leading Digital Transformation Agency, has provided them with the support and resources they need to continue to develop their AI-powered cybersecurity solutions.


In this Startup Showcase, we can see how OwlGaze is revolutionizing cybersecurity in the UK. With their AI-powered technology and world-class team of security professionals, the company provides businesses with the added security they need to protect their assets. Whether you are looking for enterprise-level security solutions or advisory services, OwlGaze is the right choice for you.





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