Startup Showcase: Clockface Beauty – Embrace Nature with 100% Natural Skincare

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Clockface Beauty is a startup skincare company nestled in the heart of the Yorkshire countryside, dedicated to sourcing natural and organic ingredients to create 100% natural and vegan skincare products. Clockface Beauty is committed to offering pure and luxurious skin care products free of common chemicals found in many other cosmetics. The goal of the company is to offer clean and mindfully curated skincare that is practical, environmentally friendly, and effective.

An All-Natural Promise

The Clockface Beauty line is impressive as every product is created with natural ingredients that are 100% safe and contain no harmful chemicals or preservatives. By removing all added water and emulsifiers, parabens, sulfates, silicone, synthetic chemicals, and artificial fragrances from their range, the company’s skincare range is the solution for those who desire chemical-free skincare products. Every product, including lotions, creams, balms, and scrubs is formulated with the goal of supporting healthy, glowing skin.

Ingredient Lead Skincare

The company is committed to using natural ingredients that are proven to support healthy, beautiful skin. The Clockface Beauty range is ingredient-led, which means that every product has been carefully formulated using ingredients that actively promote good skin health. They have replaced water with natural and nourishing ingredients that create texture and provide many other benefits to enhance and improve the skin’s health. For example, their candelilla wax ingredient is known for its ability to reduce dark circles and has astringent qualities, all while enhancing the feel of their balms and scrubs.

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Clear Labelling Commitments

The clear labeling commitments of Clockface Beauty ensure that customers have detailed information about the products’ contents. They are dedicated to keeping their products as natural and effective as possible while maintaining ethical and transparent business practices. Along with labelling every product with a full ingredient list, Clockface Beauty keeps its packaging simple and environmentally friendly, which is another way that the company stays true to its ethos.


Clockface Beauty is a startup that is dedicated to creating natural and organic skincare products that work for your skin without harming the environment. With clear labeling and a focus on natural ingredients, Clockface Beauty is a brand that offers 100% natural and vegan products that anyone can easily incorporate into their skincare routine. The company’s range contains all-natural products that offer effective and luxurious results for the healthiest possible skin.




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