Startup Showcase: Sokin – Making Global Payments Hassle Free

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Are you tired of costly international money transfers? Do you feel excluded from the traditional payments system and its complicated processes? Well, worry no more because Sokin is here to solve those problems. As a global financial service provider, Sokin has revolutionized the payments landscape with its fixed fee, commission-free, and hassle-free platform. In this startup showcase, we will explore the many benefits of Sokin and how they are transforming the way we transfer money across borders.

Introducing Sokin

Sokin is a London-based startup that offers a global payments platform for businesses and consumers. Their aim is to make cross-border payments as seamless and affordable as possible. With Sokin, you can send, receive, hold, and spend money in over 200 countries in 38 different currencies. The best part is that Sokin only charges a fixed monthly fee, which means you can transfer as much money as you want without worrying about extra charges.

Sokin Personal

Sokin’s personal account is perfect for individuals who need to send money abroad regularly. Whether you are supporting your family back home or paying for your child’s education, Sokin’s fixed fee of £9.99 a month allows you to transfer money as often as you want without incurring any additional charges. Sokin’s platform also offers real-time currency exchange rates, which means you get the best rates when you transfer money.

Sokin Enterprise

Sokin’s Enterprise solution is designed for small and large businesses. With Sokin, businesses can pay suppliers, vendors, and employees in different countries without worrying about costly transaction fees. Sokin’s platform supports multi-currency transactions, which means businesses can pay in the local currency to avoid expensive currency conversion fees. Moreover, Sokin’s platform offers real-time payment tracking, which enables businesses to monitor their payments and ensure that they reach their destination safely and quickly.

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Sokin Pay

Sokin Pay is Sokin’s payment gateway solution for e-commerce merchants. Sokin Pay enables online merchants to accept payments from customers in over 200 countries in 38 different currencies. Sokin Pay offers a simple and secure checkout experience for customers while also providing fraud protection for merchants. Moreover, Sokin Pay has a built-in currency exchange feature, which means merchants can avoid costly currency conversion fees.


Sokin is the future of global payments. Their fixed fee, commission-free, and hassle-free platform make it easy for businesses and individuals to transfer money across borders without incurring any additional charges. With Sokin, you can enjoy real-time currency exchange rates, payment tracking, and built-in fraud protection. Whether you are an online merchant, a small business, or an individual, Sokin has the solution for you. So, why wait? Sign up for Sokin today and start enjoying hassle-free global payments.





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