Startup Showcase: CompAir – Revolutionizing the Fight Against Air Pollution

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Air pollution is one of the most pressing global environmental challenges of our time. It poses significant health risks to both humans and the environment. In recent years, there has been an increased focus on the need for real-time air quality monitoring systems that can measure air pollution levels and provide accurate data to individuals and organizations. This is where CompAir, a London-based startup, comes in. In collaboration with the University College London, CompAir has developed a portable air pollution monitor called Airtracker that can detect, measure, and disclose air pollution in real-time.

Introducing Airtracker: A Portable Air Pollution Monitor

Airtracker is a compact, portable air pollution detector that employs precise laser-optical technology to evaluate the air. The device is designed to monitor CO2 and hazardous volatile organic compounds generated by paints, glues, gasoline, and aerosols, as well as airborne particulate matter PM1, PM2.5, and PM10 emitted by engines, industries, and other combustion sources. Airtracker’s data is transmitted through Bluetooth to the user’s smartphone, which also sends it to CompAir for analysis and comparison.

Real-Time Data-Driven Alerts and Community Monitoring

CompAir works with businesses and the communities they serve to monitor air pollution at the source as well as in nearby homes, schools, and workplaces. Using real-time data driven alerts from their exact location, site workers can take immediate remedial action to avoid exceeding air pollution limits before it enters nearby communities or triggers site shut-downs. The devices, which are installed in surrounding buildings, allow the community to observe what’s in the air they’re inhaling at the areas that are most important to them. This level of transparency is crucial for both individuals and communities to take proactive steps towards mitigating air pollution.

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Partnering for a Cleaner Future

CompAir’s mission is to revolutionize the fight against air pollution by creating technology that empowers people and organizations to take immediate and effective action. They work with businesses and local communities to monitor air pollution and use data to implement effective solutions that can make a real difference in reducing air pollution levels. By partnering with like-minded organizations, CompAir aims to create a cleaner and more sustainable future for all.

Co-founders Mike Coombes and Guy Monson established CompAir in 2019 with a vision to create a portable air pollution monitor that could empower people and organizations to take immediate and effective action towards reducing air pollution. The company’s mission and commitment to creating innovative solutions have earned it recognition and support from leading environmental organizations, including The Climate Group.


CompAir is leading the way in air pollution monitoring, and their innovative portable air pollution monitor Airtracker is a testament to their commitment to creating technology that empowers individuals and organizations to take action. Through partnerships with local communities and businesses, they are working towards a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable future for all. CompAir’s Airtracker is a game-changer in the fight against air pollution, and we can only hope that other organizations follow suit in creating innovative solutions towards reducing air pollution levels.





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