Startup Showcase: Dearbump – Delivering Happy Pregnancies

A monthly subscription box for mums’ health and happiness during pregnancy

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Dearbump is a startup dedicated to solving a problem that is as old as humanity itself – pregnancy. The startup offers a unique subscription box containing a range of pregnancy products, carefully selected for each month of pregnancy. Dearbump is the ultimate choice for every expecting mother looking for safe and healthy products for herself and her baby.

Creating the Dearbump Box

Dearbump was founded by two moms who realized that while the market was saturated with products for babies, there was little present for mothers. The pair decided to change this by creating a monthly subscription box that could deliver pregnancy-specific products to expecting mothers. The Dearbump subscription box contains up to nine different products, including healthy snacks, pregnancy tea, beauty products, personal care products, and gifts and treats to pamper mums to be.

Finding and Filtering the Best Products for Pregnant Women

Dearbump has conducted extensive research to find the best products for pregnant women. Their team of experts have filtered through the market to gather a selection of products from reputable and reliable brands. Their subscription box caters specifically to each month of pregnancy, meaning that products are tailored accordingly to each trimester. Additionally, Dearbump provides advice, information and links to resources which are otherwise inaccessible to some women.

Ensuring Safe and High-Quality Products

All the products included in the Dearbump box are vegan-friendly with a focus on safety and quality. The company places emphasis on testing and reviewing each product to ensure that only the highest standard of goods is delivered. Dearbump offers peace of mind to expecting mothers with the assurance that all products have been hand-selected by experts who prioritize safety and wellness for both mother and baby.

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Dearbump is a premium startup dedicated to the cause of ensuring happy, healthy pregnancies for mothers. Their subscription box offers peace of mind to expecting mothers with safety, quality and health at the forefront of their offerings. As a startup, they have excelled in delivering the highest quality products and services. They have set the bar high for any company looking to venture into the pregnancy subscription box market.


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