Startup Showcase: Join myNexus – Powering Entrepreneurial Capability with Data-Driven Tools

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Are you an early-stage entrepreneur struggling to understand why your business is not taking off? Are you an investor looking for startups that match your interests and skills? myNexus might be the solution for you. Join myNexus is a Manchester-based SaaS, PaaS and DaaS company that provides insightful tools to improve the success of early-stage ventures.

Gamified Entrepreneurial Skills Assessment

myNexus offers a gamified mobile app that helps entrepreneurs assess their skills and capability. The app evaluates the individual’s entrepreneurial skills and identifies the barriers to their success. This knowledge can be used to target the right support to overcome these barriers effectively. This entrepreneurial skills assessment can be used by individuals, and also by accelerators, incubators, and universities to identify and support early ventures.

Investment Match-Making

One of the main features of myNexus is its investment match-making platform. Investors can join myNexus and find startups that match their interests and skills. Entrepreneurs can find investors that have complementary access to the required resources, including skills, networks, and funds. This innovative platform helps to open up opportunities for early-stage ventures, which may otherwise struggle to find the right investors.

Business Maturity Rating

myNexus has created a business maturity rating system that allows entrepreneurs to understand their company’s current stage of development. This rating system is based on international guidelines and is useful for tracking progress, benchmarking industry standards, and identifying opportunities for improvement. Investors also appreciate access to this evaluation, as it can help them to understand the maturity of a company and what kind of support it may need.

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Improving Economic Growth Through Targeted Support

myNexus is committed to improving economic growth and reducing bias in the startup support ecosystem. By providing personalized, informed, and timely support, entrepreneurs can realize their full potential, and investors can discover startups that match their interests and skillset, adding value to their investments. myNexus aims to reduce limitations and create more inclusive opportunities that improve diversity, quality, and economic growth.

Overall, Join myNexus is an innovative company that is using data-driven tools to support startups and investors. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to improve your skills, or an investor looking to find the right fit, myNexus can provide the necessary support to achieve success. If you’re interested in learning more, check out their website, and follow them on social media to get the latest updates.





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