Startup Showcase: DigitalOx – A Digital Solution to Reputation Management

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In today’s digital age, online reputation management is becoming increasingly important to businesses and individuals alike. With the majority of people relying on online search results to make decisions, negative search results can have a detrimental effect on one’s reputation. That’s where DigitalOx, an online reputation management startup from Scunthorpe, comes in. They offer a range of services to help businesses and individuals manage their online reputation.

What is DigitalOx?

DigitalOx is an online reputation management company with strong ties to all facets of the Digital Marketing industry. They aim to improve or rejuvenate their clients’ online presence while providing rapid results and personalized services where online success is the top priority.

Services Offered

DigitalOx provides a range of services to address reputation management concerns. While their primary focus is on removing or burying harmful or malicious information about their clients from the internet, the company also offers legal requests to Bing and Google search engines to remove specific links from the results altogether. The team of experienced online reputation managers work to turn the public perception in the client’s favour.

Bespoke Proposal

To receive a completely free bespoke proposal about how DigitalOx could assist in repairing, clearing, or restoring an online reputation, one simply needs to request a callback. The team asks a few simple questions about search terms, countries to target and search engines used, to create an exhaustive search and build the most accurate and tailored proposal possible.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

DigitalOx also offers a non-disclosure agreement upon request, in addition to talking through how they can help repair and build reputations online. This can provide that extra peace of mind about their services for hesitant clients.

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As online reputation management becomes more critical, DigitalOx has emerged as an innovative solution provider in this space. With their range of services and dedicated team of online reputation managers, DigitalOx is proving that it is possible to turn the tide of negative publicity in the digital world.


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