Startup Showcase: Energym – Turning Your Workout into Clean Energy

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Energym is a revolutionary smart-tech fitness company that aims to change the world of fitness forever! Energym has its base in Birmingham, United Kingdom, with a passion for fitness and a drive to create a cleaner and greener environment. Founded in 2018, Energym is the world’s first fitness company that builds clean-energy generating gym equipment that turns workouts into usable electrical power.

The Importance of Clean Energy in the Fitness Industry

The fitness industry is booming with fitness machines that are popular globally, and these machines consume a lot of energy from traditional sources like electric grids. With a growing shift towards clean energy and sustainability, Energym identified the need for a sustainable solution that would help combat climate change. The company has designed and built its energy-efficiency machines to harness energy, thereby reducing the carbon footprint that exercises equipment can leave.

How Energym is Taking Fitness to the Next Level

Energym is taking fitness to a whole new level by offering a fun and sustainable way to work out. The company has created high-efficiency patent-pending systems that capture human energy and convert it into usable electrical power. The energy generated during a workout is stored in batteries alongside the gym equipment, which can later be used to power homes, offices, and more. What’s more, Energym has created an app that incentivizes fitness like never before. Members can track their progress, compete with others, and receive rewards for generating clean energy.

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Creating a Better Future with Energym

Energym has made it their mission to create a better future by encouraging individuals and communities worldwide to adopt a sustainable, healthier lifestyle. With their innovative methodology and clean-energy-generating gym equipment, Energym’s impact will be felt for years to come. Join the team at Energym, who are committed to empowering individuals and communities worldwide towards a more sustainable future.


Energym is a unique startup that is making a difference to the world one workout at a time. Anyone looking to embrace an eco-friendly approach to exercise should be excited about what this young start-up is up to. Energym is perfect for anyone looking to make a sustainable change in their fitness regime. For more information, visit the Energym website, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn pages.


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