Which London Clean Energy Startups are Transforming the UK’s Energy Industry?

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With climate change posing an imminent threat to the planet, numerous startups have surfaced in the clean energy sector. The goal? To revolutionize how we generate and consume energy. The United Kingdom, especially London, has been a hub of such innovative startups mad keen about making a positive impact on the environment. Allow us to introduce you to some of the clean energy startups in London, England.

These startups are working relentlessly to create renewable energy sources, minimise waste, promote energy efficiency and cut greenhouse gas emissions, all underpinned by the overarching pursuit of a cleaner and sustainable future. From nuclear power to hydrogen engines, waste-to-energy systems to carbon capture technologies, the range of solutions they offer is wide and varied.

Without further ado, let’s take a dive into the world of these environmental game-changers and see what they have to offer to the world powering on clean energy.

Shearwater Energy

Shearwater Energy is a clean energy incubator and a think tank that specializes in low-cost bulk hydrogen production and supply. Equipped with expertise in Clean Energy, Project Management, and Renewable Energy, they are paving the way for a cleaner energy infrastructure.

SEaB Energy

SEaB Energy has patented a micro anaerobic digestion system that enables onsite and in-building conversion of organics into energy, water, and fertiliser. Pioneered by Nick Sassow and Sandra Sassow, the enterprise is at the forefront of Clean Energy, Energy, Renewable Energy, and Waste Management.

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Envisioned by Mikal Boe, CORE POWER (UK) Ltd believes that advanced atomic technologies can be transformative for heavy transport and industry. Operating in a wide array of sectors including Advanced Materials, Clean Energy, Energy, and Marine Technology, the company is redefining conventional energy narratives.


The brainchild of Archie Watts-Farmer, Francis Lempp, and Nadiur Rahman, Carnot develops hydrogen engines aimed at reducing fuel consumption and achieving zero CO2 emissions. They delve into Clean Energy, CleanTech, Mechanical Engineering, and Sustainability.


Founded by Petar Besevic and Simon Spurrier, Altroleum focuses on building software for the energy transition. This convergence of Clean Energy, Energy, Information Technology, and Software, is promising a bright future for the energy sector.

Us Solar Fund

Us Solar Fund is a renewable energy fund that provides investors with opportunities to invest in the field of Clean Energy, Energy, and Renewable Energy.

RHC IMZADI Hydrogen Consulting

RHC IMZADI, initiated by Andrew Murphy, is a specialist boutique consultancy that assists companies and organisations interest in joining the Energy Transition. Their work spans across Clean Energy, Consulting, Energy, Energy Management, and Renewable Energy.

Clim8 Invest

Clim8 Invest was established by Duncan Grierson and it offers an app that allows individuals to invest in industries that are actively combating climate change. The platform thrives on Clean Energy, Crowdfunding, FinTech, Impact Investing, and Sustainability.

Global CleanTech Summit

Under the leadership of Ross Kingsland, Global CleanTech Summit curates events and disseminates information in the areas of Clean Energy, CleanTech, Electric Vehicle, Renewable Energy, and Smart Cities.

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PF Nexus

PF Nexus, co-founded by Mike Smales and Scott Gillam, is a renewable energy and infrastructure deal origination platform whose work spreads across Clean Energy, CleanTech, Impact Investing, Renewable Energy, and Sustainability.

H2 Bulletin

H2 Bulletin presents news and analysis on various dimensions of Clean Energy, CleanTech, and Digital Media.


ELIRE Group, led by Luke Jenkinson, invests in ventures that accelerate ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) targets with solutions in clean infrastructure for mobility, transportation, and energy. They are rooted in Clean Energy, Energy, Infrastructure, Transportation, and Venture Capital.

OakTree Power

OakTree Power, brought to life by Andreas Wiele and Guillaume Molhant-Proost, is a leading climate technology startup providing solutions in Clean Energy, Electrical Distribution, Energy Efficiency, and Power Grid.


Seabound is a Clean Energy startup that specialises in carbon capture technology, offering solutions in Environmental Consulting and Environmental Engineering.

Spark Energy Services

Spark Energy Services is a finance company that operates in the Clean Energy, Energy, and Finance industry.

In summary, these startups are at the cutting edge of clean energy innovation. Their groundbreaking work is a beacon of hope in our quest to combat climate change and create a more sustainable future for our planet.

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