Who Are Revolutionising The UK Film Production Startup Scene?

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While the United Kingdom has long been known as a prolific hub for film production, it is also home to a variety of innovative and ambitious startups intent on shaking up the industry. From virtual reality studios to live broadcasting companies, these diverse startups are leveraging the power of technology to revolutionise film production, bringing fresh ideas and perspectives to a rapidly changing industry. Here’s a closer look at some of these dynamic UK-based film production startups:

Parable Works

Parable Works is a unique studio that combines the world of television with the immersive, cutting-edge realm of virtual reality. Founded by David Wise and James Harris, this startup offers a fresh and innovative take on traditional advertising, broadcasting, and TV production by incorporating virtual reality elements into the mix, thereby reshaping entertainment and media.

iEurope Broadcasting

Founded by Alexander Thorn, iEurope Broadcasting seeks to make the world smaller by broadcasting news, films, sports, music, TV shows, and events to a global audience over the internet. The company operates in the sectors of film production, distribution, in-flight entertainment, and digital entertainment.


Panchroma is paving the way for the future of production and post-production services. Although the founders remain anonymous, this startup’s influence in the film and TV production industry is evident in the next-generation services it offers.

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Wonderhood Studios

With a vision to create culturally transformative ideas for brands and broadcasters, Wonderhood Studios is a film production company adding new dimensions to media and entertainment. Founded by Aidan McClure, Alex Best, and David Abraham, the studio stands at the forefront of creativity in the industry.

Lost Clock Productions

Lost Clock Productions, based in the United Kingdom, is a video and film production company that has made waves in the industry with its high-quality output. The founders may prefer to let their work speak for itself, concentrating on the craft of film production rather than the spotlight.

Onit Studio

Onit Studio bridges the gap between digital marketing and film production, offering services that range from film and TV production to advertising. While the founders’ identities remain undivulged, their impact on the industry is recognizable.

The Pulse Rooms

The Pulse Rooms proudly offers a variety of creative services to clients including branding, copywriting, graphic design, website development, and video production, making it an indispensable resource for businesses seeking to build strong, compelling brands.

Pixel Parlour

Founded by Abby Laguidao, Pixel Parlour underscores the importance of design and photography in producing impactful communication materials. This startup operates primarily in the film production sector and is noted for its attention to detail and inspiring visuals.

Fowler Media

Fowler Media is a film production company specializing in creating genre films for screens of all sizes. Fowler’s expertise also expands to media distribution and the broader domain of media and entertainment.

The Curve Productions

The Curve Productions leverages creativity to produce exceptional content. This production company’s work doesn’t just stop at film production but also extends to film distribution, adding diversity to the film industry.

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Here Now Films

Founded by Ed Smit, Here Now Films is a video production company that also provides animation, film production, and video editing services. This innovative startup combines different elements of production to deliver exceptional visuals and storytelling.

Harder Than You Think

At the intersection of art, education, and global progress lays Harder Than You Think. Founded by Godric Smith and Greg Nugent, this IP led media content company is playing an influential role in brand marketing, content creation, event management, and film production.

Loom of Ideas LTD

Founded by Lucia Desperati, Loom of Ideas LTD is an advertising agency that stands out from the competition by offering unique film production and video editing services. By utilising information technology and brand marketing effectively, Loom of Ideas is transforming the way businesses approach advertising.

G6 Motion Control

Focusing on high-speed motion control and virtual production, G6 Motion Control, founded by Ramzan Anwar, proves to be a leader in visual engineering. This startup’s contribution to the film industry in the UK is truly unrivalled.

Skipyard Productions

As an independent film and TV production company, Skipyard Productions is noted for its pioneering work in both media and entertainment. This startup’s refreshing and distinct perspective continues to make an impact on the industry.

In conclusion, the UK’s film production industry is overflowing with innovative startups that are not only disrupting but also reshaping the landscape. Even as technology continues to transform the sector, these startups highlight that at the heart of film production is still the power of storytelling.

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