Startup Showcase: Eterlast Limited – Building Web3 Games and Experiences for Sports and Entertainment Brands

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Are you ready to earn while you play? Eterlast Limited is revolutionizing the gaming industry by creating branded Web3 games that give players the ability to collect, play, and earn. As a startup powered by Immutable X, Eterlast is committed to creating utility and value for players and building strong partnerships with world-leading sporting and media organizations. In this startup showcase, we’ll take a closer look at Eterlast and how they are changing the game for web3 experiences.

Introducing Eterlast Limited

Eterlast is a Web3 company located in London, UK, that is dedicated to building branded Web3 games and experiences for sports and entertainment brands. With their team in Barcelona, Spain, Eterlast is well-positioned to design and develop games and experiences that are focused on creating value for consumers. Led by their CEO, Joan Roure, Eterlast is backed by some of the largest international venture funds, paving the way for new partnerships and collaborations with the world’s largest media and sporting IP owners.

Building Web3 Experiences

Eterlast’s aim is to create web3 experiences that promote user utility and value. They achieve this goal by partnering with leading sporting and media organizations to create branded Web3 games that are designed to be fun and interactive. Their games enable players to collect, play, and earn, all while having a great time. Eterlast is committed to bringing a new level of engagement to brands and fans alike, and they are achieving their goal through innovative game design and forward-thinking technology.

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Partnerships and Collaborations

Eterlast is already in discussions with the world’s largest media companies and sporting IP owners to bring their content to the platform. Their partnerships allow them to create compelling games that engage players and provide value to brand owners. By collaborating with these organizations, Eterlast is able to create unique games and experiences that resonate with players and help to build brand loyalty. Their partnerships show Eterlast’s commitment to creating web3 experiences that are ahead of the curve and can be enjoyed by players worldwide.


Eterlast Limited is a Web3 startup that is changing the way we think about gaming and experiences. By building branded Web3 games that provide value to players and partnering with leading sporting and media organizations, Eterlast is on the cutting edge of technology and user engagement. With their headquarters in the UK and team in Barcelona, Eterlast is set to bring a new level of engagement to brands and fans across the world. Visit their website today to learn more.





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