Startup Showcase: Gozipper – The National Multi-service Provider Revolutionising Textiles, Hygiene and Facility Services

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If you’re looking for a reliable provider of textile, hygiene and facility services solutions in the UK, look no further than Gozipper. This national multi-service provider is making waves in the industry, offering tailor-made solutions to public and private organizations of all sizes and across all sectors. With their commitment to empowerment, customer satisfaction and success, Gozipper is quickly becoming a household name in the textile sector.

Tailored Solutions for All Sectors

Gozipper’s services are tailor-made for the needs of each individual client, ensuring that they receive the best possible service for their organization. Whether you need flat linen, work wear, washrooms, floor protection, beverages, clean rooms, pest control or medical waste management, Gozipper has got you covered. Their expertise in each area ensures that your organization is fully equipped to meet the needs of your employees, clients and stakeholders.

Fastest Growing Textile Company by Revenue Size

Since 2019, Gozipper has been the fastest growing company in the textile sector by revenue size. This is a testament to their commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and innovation. Gozipper’s success is driven by their focus on empowering their customers, ensuring that their services are tailored to meet their exact needs. With over 50 professionals at 3 production and services centres, Gozipper is well-equipped to handle the needs of any organization, large or small.

Leading the Way in Hygiene and Facility Services

Gozipper is not just an expert in textiles, but also in hygiene and facility services. Their comprehensive solutions ensure that your organization is always clean, safe and ready for business. From washrooms to pest control and medical waste management, Gozipper has you covered. They understand that cleanliness and hygiene are critical to success, and they take pride in delivering high-quality services that meet the highest standards.

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Empowering Your Organization

In a world that is increasingly complex, Gozipper is your best ally. They understand that success in today’s fast-paced environment requires agility, innovation and empowerment. That’s why they work tirelessly to ensure that their services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Whether you’re a small start-up or a large corporation, Gozipper is committed to your success.


So if you’re looking for a reliable, innovative and customer-focused provider of textile, hygiene and facility services, look no further than Gozipper. Their commitment to excellence, expertise and empowerment is unmatched in the industry. With Gozipper, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.


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