Who are Bristol’s Top Emerging Software Startups Influencing the Industry?

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The thriving tech hub of Bristol, the United Kingdom is home to an innovative community of software startups. These companies are breaking boundaries, providing solutions and adding value across various sectors with their unique offerings. Tackling issues from human resources to finance, and from big data to health care, these startups are set to reshape the industrial landscape with their cutting-edge technologies.

Whether it’s the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning or data intelligence, Bristol-based software startups are not just marking their presence, but also making significant contributions to their respective industries. The diversity in their operations further testifies to Bristol’s dynamic startup culture.

Let’s delve into the exciting work these startups are doing and what they have to offer to the rapidly evolving world of technology.


Gapsquare is a software company that uses data intelligence, machine learning & AI to help companies build fair, engaged & productive workforces. The brainchild of Ion Suruceanu and Zara Nanu, Gapsquare is known for its ground-breaking work in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Human Resources, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics.

Intellium AI

With a no-code AI solution called AiBoost, Intellium AI makes complex AI technology accessible for everyone in the industry. Founded by Kiran Krishnamurthy, the startup is breaking new ground in Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, and Machine Learning.


Payaca, founded by Matthew Franklin, is a SaaS business offering financial solutions to customer-focused service businesses. It operates in the realms of B2B, Financial Services, FinTech, Mobile Apps and Software.

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At Smartia, Asim Majid and Mauro Arruda are providing scalable AI solutions that transform industrial data into actionable insights. The startup specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology and Machine Learning.


Tumelo is a FinTech firm with a mission of giving every investor a voice by focusing on impact-focused financial technology. The brainchild of Benjamin King, Georgia Stewart and William Goodwin, Tumelo is driving change in Finance, Financial Services and FinTech.


Cloud8 creates intuitive cloud platforms for corporate advisors, carving their niche in Cloud Data Services and Software.

Solvi Solutions

Solvi Solutions is an IT firm offering services including software development, data collection, and digital marketing.

Elastic Mint

Elastic Mint is a Bristol-based software development company offering high-value tech solutions.


soLearn develops management software that provides workforce development and performance evaluation tools.


48K specialise in automation and bespoke software solutions. It focuses on IT and mobile applications.

Configured Things

Configured Things, spearheaded by Nick Randall, Patrick Goldsack and Simon Arnell, creates possibilities for Connected Places with real-time policy-bound federated sharing of systems and data between organisations.

OKKO Health

OKKO Health is a startup developed by Dr Stephanie Campbell specialising in developing a SaaS platform for eye health monitoring.


Employtec, led by Christian Shanahan, builds bespoke digital employment tools by creating custom software and web applications in the cloud.


NetMinded, developed by Nick Randall, has a SaaS solution that helps ISPs and MSPs improve productivity and their customer satisfaction metrics.

Codexiq Systems

Codexiq Systems is paving its way in the world of enterprise software and software engineering, carving a new path in the tech landscape of Bristol.

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In conclusion, the future of technological innovation in software is increasingly driven by these startups. Scaled in Bristol, they continue elevating their influence on a global scale. A hub of vibrant tech endeavours, Bristol holds a promising future for software innovation.

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