Which UK Cannabis Startups are Influencing the Industry in 2023?

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The United Kingdom – once identified by prim tradition and stringent protocols, has surprisingly emerged as a significant player in the global cannabis scene. Despite the legal restrictions surrounding recreational use of cannabis, the country now stands as one of the largest exporters of medicinal cannabis worldwide. The burgeoning interest in cannabis and its potential benefits have led to the birth of a new wave of startups in the UK, all with a common aim – harnessing the therapeutic properties of cannabis and its derivatives. Here, in this article, we’ll spotlight some of the most exciting and innovative cannabis startups established in the United Kingdom.

Boasting a broad spectrum of focus areas, these startups redefine what it means to be a cannabis company. From technological advancements in cultivation and yield predication, genetic research, and biopharmaceutical applications to the creation of wellness products and dietary supplements, the UK cannabis space is rapidly expanding and evolving. These companies are not only transforming the face of UK agriculture but are also disrupting the health, wellness, and medical sectors, reshaping how we view and use this much-debated plant.

It’s also important to note that the success of these startups attests to the shifting public perceptions and growing acceptance of cannabis, with calls for policy reforms gaining momentum. Now let’s dive in and get to know these companies better.


Petiole is a unique startup founded by Andrii Seleznov, Maryna Kuzmenko. Positioned in the sectors of Agriculture, AgTech, Cannabis, Farming, Flowers, Horticulture, and Industrial Automation, Petiole provides yield prediction and monitoring utilizing smartphone technology.

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Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies

The team at Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies led by Neil Mahapatra and Tarek Tabsh, is dedicated to combining cannabinoid medicine with first-rate scientific research. This biopharmaceutical company is making significant strides in the Biotechnology, Cannabis, Medical, and Pharmaceutical industries.

Grow Group

Grow Group, established by Ben Langley and Ian Atkinson, is a biopharmaceutical firm focussed solely on cannabis-based medicines and improving universal access to them. Grow operates within the Biotechnology and Cannabis sectors.


TRIP, founded by Daniel Khoury and Olivia Ferdi, is a CBD brand linking the Cannabis, E-Commerce, and Food and Beverage sectors. TRIP offers wellness products infused with adaptogens.

EMMAC Life Sciences

EMMAC Life Sciences, helmed by Antonio Costanzo and Ed McDermott, is a medical cannabis firm that employs cutting-edge cultivation and up-to-date scientific research. EMMAC operates within the Biotechnology, Cannabis, and Market Research sectors.

Grass & Co.

Grass & Co., started by Ben Grass and Matthew Snyman, has become one of the leading CBD and wellness brands in the UK, operating in the Cannabis, E-Commerce, Health Care, Wellness, Marketing, and Sales sectors.

Blossom Genetics

Blossom Genetics, led by Oskar Fletcher, is setting the bar high in the industry with outstanding work in Cannabis Genetics and Plants.

The Drug.Store

The Drug.Store, spearheaded by Johan Obel, is an ecommerce site offering a wide range of scientifically-backed natural medicines and wellness products.

Nova Extraction

Nova Extraction, established by Alexander N and Sergey S, is known for their off-grid, mobile hardware for supercritical CO2 extraction.

Avida Labs

Avida Labs operates within the Biotechnology, Cannabis, and Manufacturing sectors.

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BCOUK is an online CBD retailer offering a variety of legal CBD products manufactured from industrial hemp.

Bud & Tender

Bud & Tender runs a digital store providing a wide range of CBD cannabis supplements, vitamins, and oils.

Mary Jane Labs Ltd

Mary Jane Labs Ltd, helmed by Paul Pickard, specialises in CBD and operates within several sectors including Cannabis, Dietary Supplements, E-Commerce, Food and Beverage, Health Care, and Personal Health.

London Canna

London Canna is a cannabis marketing company operating in the Cannabis, Public Relations, Retail, and Wholesale industries.

Lyphe group

Lyphe group, started by Dean Friday, is a reliable supplier within the Cannabis, Health Care, and Pharmaceutical sectors offering medical cannabis care and medicine.

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