Startup Showcase: Fair HQ – The All-in-One Platform for Diversity and Inclusion

Empowering fast growing companies with data-driven recommendations and personalised behavioural nudges to embed fair & inclusive practices and behaviours across the business.

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As the world becomes more diverse and inclusive, it’s critical for companies to create cultures that reflect the world we live in. Companies that fail to prioritise diversity and inclusion risk losing talented employees, customers, and stakeholders. This is where Fair HQ comes in, the first all-in-one platform for Diversity and Inclusion that helps fast-growing companies embed fair & inclusive practices and behaviours across the business.

The Data Layer – Continuously assessing and benchmarking company practices, representation and employees’ experience

The heart of Fair HQ lies in its data-driven approach. By providing data on the representation of gender, ethnicity, and other key diversity markers, it helps companies understand where they need to improve. Its continuous assessment and benchmarking of company processes and practices, as well as employees’ experiences, enables companies to track progress towards their diversity and inclusion goals.

The Recommendation Layer – Suggesting structural & behavioural changes backed by the latest research

Fair HQ doesn’t just provide data – it also recommends structural and behavioural changes that can help companies embed more inclusive practices. These recommendations are backed by the latest research, ensuring that companies are implementing strategies that have been proven to work. By providing actionable recommendations, Fair HQ empowers companies to make meaningful changes that drive culture forward.

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The Implementation Layer – Delivering personalised behavioural nudges to managers embedding inclusive practices and behaviours through our Slack Bot

Finally, Fair HQ also offers an implementation layer that delivers personalised behavioural nudges to managers. This happens through their Slack Bot, which provides real-time guidance on how to embed inclusive practices and behaviours. This gives managers the tools they need to create cultures that are reflective of diverse perspectives and experiences.

Making Companies More Successful by Embedding Diversity and Inclusion

Fair HQ’s mission is to make companies more successful by helping them embed D&I into their DNA. By providing data-driven insights, actionable recommendations, and personalised nudges, Fair HQ empowers fast-growing companies to create more inclusive cultures. Their platform has already made an impact and is a must-have for any company that wants to be a leader in the D&I space.


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