Startup Showcase: FootballSolidar – Unboxing Unique Connections between Fans and Football Clubs

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FootballSolidar is a subscription service that focuses on improving engagement between the game, football clubs, and fans. The company builds customized subscription box programs for football clubs, players/coaches, and unique football-related items that connect fans to the history of the game, providing unique and surprising elements with each box. FootballSolidar offers three types of boxes, including football club boxes, player or coach boxes, and football lovers’ boxes.

Football Club Boxes

FootballSolidar’s football club boxes are made in partnership with clubs to provide fans with popular merchandise from their favorite club, such as jerseys, hats, scarves, and other fan gear. These boxes also provide unique elements that strengthen the relationship between the fan and their club, creating a sense of pride and belonging.

Players or Coaches’ Boxes

FootballSolidar’s player or coach boxes enable subscribers to engage with their favorite football idols. These boxes promote the image of each individual with branded items or personal recommendations. Subscribers can also receive unique merchandise signed by the player or coach for their collection.

Football Lovers’ Boxes

FootballSolidar’s football lovers’ boxes are the perfect monthly surprise for any football lover. These boxes bring random merchandise from the largest international football clubs, along with items related to the history of the game and major competitions. These boxes are perfect for collectors, enthusiasts, and anyone interested in football.

App Engagement

Along with subscription boxes, FootballSolidar offers an app that will assign special media content to the subscription customers. Customers can receive daily or weekly messages from the goalkeeper, a broadcast of a training session, or a video of a past talk given by the coach to the team. This added engagement will create a stronger connection to the football clubs and players.

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Unbox the Excitement of the Game

FootballSolidar provides true excitement by delivering customized subscription boxes directly to the subscriber’s door. The boxes come with popular merchandise and unique elements that strengthen the relationship between the fan and their club. The company’s mission is to create lasting connections and experiences that enhance the love for the game.


FootballSolidar is a game changer in the world of football merchandise subscription boxes. The company’s commitment to delivering unique, quality boxes that create connections between football clubs and fans sets it apart from other merchandising services. Subscribe today and unbox the excitement of the game!


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