Startup Showcase: Get Heli – Revolutionizing Helicopter Chartering in the UK

Streamlining the Helicopter Charter Market and Boosting Profitability Through a Centralized Online Marketplace.

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As the world slowly emerges from the grips of the pandemic, many industries have undergone significant transformations. One such market that has witnessed significant changes is the aviation industry, with increased demand for charter flights as a safer and more flexible alternative to traditional commercial flights. The UK-based startup, Get Heli, is addressing the growing demand for helicopter charter services by simplifying the booking process for brokers and operators through its innovative online marketplace.

A Revolutionary Concept for Helicopter Chartering

Get Heli is a game-changing platform that connects brokers to a wide network of helicopter operators through its online marketplace. With the market for helicopter charter services rapidly evolving, Get Heli recognized the need for streamlining the process to benefit both operators and brokers. By consolidating the fragmented charter market into one central online platform, the company aims to reduce overhead costs for operators while ensuring brokers can access the best possible deals.

Furthermore, with a focus on promoting fair pricing, anonymity is maintained for both brokers and operators until after the booking process, preventing unstructured booking requests from being created. This approach ensures that the platform delivers the best possible pricing for end customers while boosting profitability for operators and brokers.

Transforming the Helicopter Charter Market with Cutting-edge Technology

Get Heli is not only focused on streamlining the helicopter charter booking process but also committed to using cutting-edge technology to enhance user experience throughout the process. The company is developing a user-friendly website and connected mobile apps that will reduce lead times in the B2B market, making the experience smoother for customers and service providers.

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Moreover, Get Heli leverages Helipaddy’s API, which enables the platform to suggest the best landing sites for any booking, not just the nearest ICAO airport. This feature ensures that customers have access to the best possible landing sites, which is vital for helicopter charters, especially in remote locations.

Enhancing the Safety and Flexibility of Helicopter Chartering

Helicopter chartering market has seen increased demand during the pandemic as customers seek safer and more flexible travel alternatives. Get Heli’s innovative approach to helicopter chartering is well-positioned to tap into this growing demand while ensuring safety and flexibility for customers.

The company provides customers with the flexibility to create custom bookings, ranging from single trips to longer-term contracts. This flexibility is critical for customers who might need helicopter charter services for various reasons, such as business trips or medical evacuations.

Get Heli’s commitment to customer safety is vital, and the platform only works with certified operators who meet the highest safety standards. This approach ensures that customers can trust Get Heli to deliver safe, reliable, and high-quality helicopter charter services.


With the aviation industry rapidly evolving, Get Heli’s innovative approach to helicopter chartering is well-positioned to tap into the growing demand for helicopter charter services. The platform consolidates the fragmented charter market into a centralized online marketplace, streamlining the booking process and promoting fair pricing for both brokers and operators. Get Heli’s cutting-edge technology, commitment to safety, and flexibility make it an excellent option for customers seeking safe and highly customizable helicopter charter services.

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Read more from UKT News:  Can Real-Time Online Mock Exams Revolutionise UK's Grammar School Admissions?

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