Startup Showcase: Go Jauntly – Exploring the Outdoors for Health and Wellness

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As the pandemic swept across the world, people were forced to accept a new-normal, one that kept them away from the outdoors and limited physical activity. With lockdown restrictions easing off, more and more people are stepping out to explore their surroundings, immerse in nature, and find new ways to boost their mental and physical well-being. Go Jauntly is a health and wellness company that encourages people to walk, hike, and go on outdoor adventures with the help of its award-winning community-based platform. Let’s take a deep dive into how the company is promoting the love for the great outdoors in a fun and engaging manner.

What is Go Jauntly?

Go Jauntly is a London-based startup that provides an app for iOS and Android users that helps them discover walking routes based on interests, time, and accessibility. The app lets users create their own walking routes, which can then be shared with others in the community. From urban expeditions to wildlife habitats, there is something for everyone on the Go Jauntly app. Users can create their own virtual adventures by using the app’s virtual reality feature, which enables them to upload their photos and add a virtual landscape to the picture.

Promoting Walking for Leisure and Active Travel

With Go Jauntly, walking is not just about fitness but also about fun. The company’s walking routes are designed to be enjoyable and scenic, with an emphasis on exploring new places and embracing nature. Go Jauntly’s app caters to all levels of fitness and mobility, making it possible for anyone, regardless of their age, to experience the benefits of walking. The platform promotes sustainable travel and encourages users to leave their cars at home and walk instead, reducing their carbon footprint in the process.

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Partnering with Brands and Local Authorities

Go Jauntly’s mission to promote outdoor activity and wellness has attracted the attention of several brands, local authorities, and government bodies. The company has partnered with Boots Walgreen Alliance, Palmolive, Transport for London, and over 15 local authorities across the UK to promote health and wellness initiatives. It has also received grants and awards from Sport England, Innovate UK, and the Mayor of London’s Civic Innovation Challenge.

Recognized for Outstanding Achievements

Go Jauntly’s innovative platform and community-driven approach have been recognized at various award ceremonies. The company won the bronze prize in the Sustainability, Environment and Climate – Innovation category in The Anthem Awards 2022 for Product, Innovation, or Service Categories (For Profit). It has also been awarded App of the Day and Editor’s Choice by Apple and featured in prominent publications such as TechCrunch, British Vogue, and The Guardian.


Go Jauntly’s mission to promote health and wellness through outdoor adventure is more crucial now than ever before. The pandemic has brought to light the importance of staying active and maintaining one’s mental health. With its fun and engaging platform, Go Jauntly is encouraging people to embrace the outdoors and experience the joys of walking. The company’s partnerships with local authorities and brands are a testament to the effectiveness of its approach, and its accolades cement its position as a leading force in the health and wellness industry.


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